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Introduction - Best Bearded Dragon Hammock?

A bearded dragon hammock? Are they really as cool as they seem?

The answer is yes – and bearded dragons absolutely love them!

My bearded dragon uses his hammock constantly – it’s easily his favorite spot in his enclosure!

However, the first hammock we purchased didn’t work out too well for our bearded dragon. It was small, the material was low-quality, and it didn’t stick to the glass well! Therefore, it’s important to find a high quality hammock that your beardie can enjoy!

Therefore, to make things a little easier – we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite bearded dragon hammocks every beardie will love! We’ve also decided to create a buyers guide to ensure you find the perfect hammock for your scaly friend!

Table of Contents

List of the 10 Best Bearded Dragon Hammocks

1. Zoo Med Reptile Hammock Giant 27"



  • Soft nylon mesh feels great on your bearded dragons skin and is easy to climb on and off.
  • Green color which blends in with the naturalistic look of your enclosure.
  • Compatible with Zoo Med’s Lizard Ladder in case you want to have the bearded dragon hammock higher off the ground.
  • Enormous size at 27” of space. Will easily fit the entirety of your bearded dragon without having to worry about your bearded dragon falling and injuring itself.
  • Can hold multiple bearded dragons at once.
  • Powerful suction cups which stick to the glass of your enclosure.
  • Amazing price that is well worth the value!

2. Zoo Med Reptile Hammock 14.2" Small



  • Nylon mesh that is both soft and easily accessible for your bearded dragon.
  • Green color which blends in perfectly with your bearded dragons enclosure.
  • Approximately 14.2 inches of space for your bearded dragon to crawl on. Not too small for your bearded dragon but doesn’t take up too much space in the tank.
  • Can hold up to one bearded dragon at a time.
  • Suction cups on each side to hold the bearded dragon hammock in place.
  • Inexpensive and well worth the money!

3. Penn-plax Lizard Lounger Bridge 38x14



  • Hand woven sea grass fiber that is both super comfortable, natural, and easily climbable.
  • Super strong suction cups that stick to each side of the glass. However, you can easily move it around until you find a desirable place for your bearded dragon hammock.
  • Massive size at 38” which will stretch across your enclosure and easily hold one or multiple bearded dragons at once.
  • The hand woven and naturalistic look adds flare to any bearded dragon tank.
  • Can be installed at an incline so your bearded dragon can move up or down the enclosure to regulate their body temperature. They will move higher if they prefer more heat or lower if they want to cool down!
  • The natural seagrass texture is essential for shedding bearded dragons.
  • This is the hammock I personally use and my bearded dragon loves it!
  • A little on the expensive side but it’s still our number one pick, for many reasons!

4. Gexolenu Bearded Dragon Hammock Habitat Lounger Bridge


  • Made out of breathable mesh so your bearded dragon stays cool.
  • Comes with two different bearded dragon hammocks – a green hammock and a black one.
  • There’s an option to purchase a black and purple hammock with leaf designs instead (if you’re feeling hipster).
  • Triangular shape which fits nicely in the corner of your enclosure.
  • The size is 13-inches x 13” inches x 18.9 inches which is suitable for a single bearded dragon.
  • Contains suction cups which provide powerful suction to stick to the glass of your tank.
  • If the product comes damaged or you’re unhappy for any reason, they have excellent customer support to take care of you!
  • Highly rated and inexpensive – especially considering you get two instead of one.

5. Niteangel Bearded Dragon Hammock Reptile Lounger


  • Made out of seaweed which is natural and safe for your bearded dragon.
  • Very strong suction cups which stick nicely to your bearded dragons enclosure. Also comes with leather strings to assist in the hanging process. It is super easy to hang and move around
  • The rough seaweed texture is great for shedding beardies.
  • Will instantly add plenty of style to your terrarium.
  • The material is super easy to clean if it gets dirty. Simply make sure it’s dry and sanitize it with a toothbrush or rag.
  • Comes in two different options. You can either get the 17-inch x 12.5- inch triangular hammock or the 16-inch x 8” rectangular hammock. Both are great options and up to you which design you’d prefer for your tank!
  • Incredible value for what you receive! It’s super durable and your bearded dragon will love it.

6. Penn Plax Lizard Lounger (Triangular)


  • Designed from 100% natural seagrass which is breathable and totally safe for reptiles.
  • Very simply woven design provides a nice addition to the design of your enclosure.
  • It is 10-inches x 12 inches and triangular in shape.
  • Fits only a single bearded dragon.
  • Amazing for shedding bearded dragons due to the rough texture.
  • Hang it at different heights so your bearded dragon can be closer or further from its basking light – allowing it to self-regulate its body temperature.
  • Suction cups hold great and can easily be moved around the tank. They are tied on by small strings so you can easily detach them if needed.
  • Super fair price and amazing hammock for your bearded dragons enclosure!

7. ADOGGYGO Reptile Bearded Dragon Hammock Lounger


  • Made from durable fabric that is super easy to wash – even easier than plastic nets.
  • Comes with three suction cups that stick to your glass. Some users complain that the suction cups are on the weaker side. You can fix this with command strips.
  • Triangle shape that is approximately 15.7-inches x 15.7-inches x 19.7-inches.
  • Large enough to hold two bearded dragons at once.
  • Super cool leaf design. You can pick a base color of white, black, or purple and all of them have leaves and plants.
  • Perfect for easy climbing, getting your bearded dragon closer to its heat lamp, and providing exercise and physical activity for your bearded dragon.
  • Excellent price, large size, and amazing design!

8. PINVNBY Bearded Dragon Accessories Reptile Hammock Jungle Climber


  • Incredible package includes x2 bearded dragon hammock, x2 vines, x1 leaf vine, and x13 suction cups (suction cups for every hanging item).
  • The bearded dragon hammock is made from pure, handwoven, natural seagrass, which is breathable, easily accessible, and safe for bearded dragons.
  • Rough texture assist in the shedding process.
  • Natural colors provide a realistic environment for your reptile.
  • The different vines, hammocks, and leaves can completely change the look of your bearded dragons enclosure. You can easily move around the different pieces until you’ve found the perfect look!
  • One of the hammocks is designed to act as a ladder for your beardie to access the other hammock.
  • Great customer support with a money-back promise or replacement.
  • Amazing value for everything that’s included. At a conventional pet store, you’d pay at least 3x the price for the pieces included in this deal!

9. KUDES Bearded Dragon Hammock


  • Triangular shape which is 13-inches x 13-inches x 19-inches – perfect for 1-2 bearded dragons at a time.
  • Super breathable mesh material makes it easy for your bearded dragon to climb and simple cleaning.
  • Comes with two total hammocks. You can add one to the cool side and one to your hot side of your enclosure. Alternatively, you can stack them for different levels of heat on the basking side of your tank.
  • Comes with three total suction cups and three metal rings. Sticks to the side of your tank with ease.
  • Green color looks great with almost any enclosure.
  • If you’re unhappy, the customer support is very responsive and will assist with any issues!
  • Simple design and great value. Overall, we highly recommend this product!

10. Niteangel 2 Packs Breathable Mesh Reptile Hammock


  • Created from breathable mesh. Easy to clean and very comfortable for beardies.
  • The three suction cups stick to the edges of your tank to keep the hammock secure.
  • Triangular in shape and comes in two different sizes. This includes 10-inches x 10-inches x 15-inches or 13-inches x 13-inches x 19-inches. You will get two of whichever size you decide to go with.
  • Awesome activity to keep your bearded dragon active.
  • Comes in black and offers a sleek and subtle appearance compared to the other hammocks we have on our list.
  • Easily wash this mesh hammock with organic soap or vinegar & water.
  • Overall, this bearded dragon hammock is simple, very affordable, and will help keep your tank clean.

What to Look for in a Bearded Dragon Hammock

So, now that we’ve went over our top 10 bearded dragon hammocks, lets dive into some of the things to look out for when purchasing your beardie its next lounge spot!



The material is probably the single most important thing to consider when purchasing your bearded dragon hammock. Whichever material you decide to go with is completely up to you. However, we recommend choosing from these two popular materials:


Mesh is very easy to clean and for that reason – we really love it. Bearded dragons are sometimes known to poop wherever they please. Don’t be surprised if your beardie decides to relieve itself right on your brand new hammock!

However, if you go with a mesh hammock, cleaning is no problem at all. You can easily pull the hammock out of the enclosure, run it under some water, and stick it right back into the tank. It’s really that easy. Other materials may require extensive washing – but not mesh hammocks.


Seagrass may be a bit harder to clean – but we think the tradeoff is worth it.

Basically, seagrass is a much rougher texture than mesh. Although this may seem like a bad thing – it’s actually quite the opposite. The rough texture of seagrass will actually assist your bearded dragon while it’s shedding. This is because bearded dragons needs rough textures to help them peel that skin off safely and naturally.

In the wild, bearded dragons have many rough surfaces they come into contact with. Therefore, you want to recreate this type of habitat to promote proper shedding for your beardie. A seagrass hammock will do the perfect job for this.

Sure, it’s a little harder to clean – but it will make sure your bearded dragon stays healthy!


The size of your hammock is totally up to you. However, you should consider various factors such as your current tank setup. If your tank is small or already full of stuff, you may want to pick a smaller hammock.

On the other hand, you may want to go with a larger hammock if your enclosure is large, you have multiple bearded dragons, or you just prefer the look of a larger hammock.

Again, this is totally up to you and your personal preference.


Not all bearded dragon hammocks work the exact same. Some are designed to hang by hooks, some by suction cups, and others by some form of tape.

Basically, you want to be able to easily move your hammock around the enclosure. For instance, your bearded dragon may not like the placement of the hammock because it’s too hot. Alternatively, it may not be hot enough. It’s really just a testing game until you find the perfect place to leave your hammock.

We suggest first putting the hammock near the basking area. However, don’t put it too high or you risk overheating your bearded dragon. If your bearded dragon uses it for several days – they probably love the location. However, if they don’t seem to use it, it may be time to try a different spot!

Basically, make sure you can easily move your hammock around as needed!


Finally, you should make sure your reptile hammock has good reviews.

The hammock you find may seem perfect at first glance. However, when you look into what people are saying about it, you may quickly change your mind.

Make sure that people don’t have trouble with the suction cups or hooks coming off. Furthermore, see what people are saying about the quality of the product, whether it is easy to clean, and how durable it is. Knowing these things will help you make a more-informed decision when it comes to purchasing your first reptile hammock!


Do I Really Need A Bearded Dragon Hammock?

Well, the answer is simple- if you love your bearded dragon – then yes!

Just kidding! On a more serious note, bearded dragons are natural climbers. They love to explore around rocks and different terrain. They definitely know how to entertain themselves.

Therefore, it’s important to create an environment that is similar to a bearded dragons natural environment. Having things to climb on will make them feel right at home!

Additionally, hammocks provide an amazing basking spot. Bearded dragons love to bask – and anything that gets them a bit closer to their basking bulb usually becomes their favorite spot!

Finally, if you decide to go with a hammock made from seagrass, your bearded dragon will shed much easier. The rough material promotes the natural removal of skin when your beardie is shedding.

Are Ladders Necessary?

No, ladders are not necessary, and we personally advise against them. Sure ladders may help them climb onto the hammock. However, the hammock shouldn’t be so high off the ground to the point where a ladder is necessary.

Placing the hammock too high may lead to your bearded dragon becoming overheated since it will be much closer to its basking bulb. Or, even worse, your bearded dragon could fall off the hammock and end up with a serious injury.

You can use a ladder if you’d like, but try to keep the hammock no more than 6-inches from the bottom of the enclosure.


Finding a bearded dragon hammock can be a time consuming task. You don’t know the good from the bad, and you may not even know where to begin.

However, we hope with the help of this guide – you were able to narrow down your decision on the best bearded dragon hammock for your sweet beardie!

Let us know what you’d like to learn about next in the comments below!


In the meantime, we hope you and your scaly friend have a great day!