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best basking bulbs for bearded dragons

Don’t want to read? Here’s our quick picks:

Highest Quality Bulb: Evergreen 100 Watt UVA UVB Bulb

Best Multi-pack (2-bulbs): Zoomed Repti Basking Spot Bulb

Least Expensive Bulb: We Charger Reptile Heat Lamp Bulb Light

Best Basking/UVB/UVA (all-in-one) Bulb: Exo Terra Solar-Glo Mercury

Bearded dragons have increasingly become a favorite option for most pet owners. And unlike dogs and other pets, you don’t have to stress over taking regular walks with your bearded dragon.

Among other things – such as getting them a calcium supplement and providing a well-rounded diet – you need to get a good basking bulb to provide the heat your pet will require to survive.

However, finding the best basking bulb for your bearded dragon is no easy task – especially with the wide range of options on the market.

But do not fret, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best basking bulbs for bearded dragons for you so choosing one can be less tedious.

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Note: Be sure to pick up a dome to place your light in. Here’s our recommendation:

Best Basking Bulbs for Bearded Dragons

#1. Exo Terra Solar Glo Mercury Vapor

The Exo Terra Solar Glo Mercury Vapor has been specifically designed for terrariums. With mercury vapor, this bulb simulates natural sunlight. The bulb provides full-spectrum light with balanced UVA and UVB rays. 

Wide UVB coverage will prevent metabolic bone disease, promote vitamin D3 production, and calcium absorption. It will also stimulate your bearded dragon’s vitality and appetite.

Another great thing about this lamp is that it is easy to install. You simply need to attach it to a standard light dome and boom, your bearded dragon is basking away – living its best life!



#2. Zoo Med Repti Basking Lamps 75-. Watt (4 Pack)

While this 4-pack bulb may cost a bit more than others, it’s actually a great deal since you won’t have to buy replacements every few months.

The bulbs are 75-watt which produces enough light to meet the UVB needs of your bearded dragon. The lamp also has a spot effect that you can use to heat a specific area.

Spot heating will stop the rest of the tank from getting too hot. Your beardie will also enjoy the variety in temperature. In addition, you can use the bulb for 12 hours daily without overheating it.



#3. (2 Pack) Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 Uvb Mini Compact Fluorescent

Lack of UVB can cause osteofibrosis within 6 months. Thanks to this lamp, your bearded dragon will be able to synthesize vitamin D and assimilate dietary calcium.

The lamp emits the UVB, UVA, and visible light that your bearded dragon needs to stay healthy.

ZooMed Reptisun Neon T5 UVB 10.0 comes in three sizes that are suitable for most reptiles housed in terrariums 45 to 90 cm high.

You can place the bulb vertically or horizontally. Proper placement will allow your bearded dragon to bask no matter what area it is in the tank.

To get the most out of this bulb, do not place a glass between the bulb and reptile as they will block UVB rays.

Always place the lamp at least 15cm away from your pet. ZooMed Reptisun Neon T5 UVB 10.0 neon lights for terrariums are available in 3 sizes: 55cm, 85cm, and 116cm.



#4. TEKIZOO UVA UVB Super Sun Lamp

Although we are raising our bearded dragons in captivity, we need to mimic nature as closely as possible.

This lamp is as close to nature as they come. It has both UVA and UVB heat and light, which is exactly what your beardie would get if it was living in the wild.

The lamp is incredibly versatile too. Whether you are buying a lamp for a terrarium, tank, or vision cage, the lamp will work just fine.

Additionally, you can use the lamp for your bearded dragon or for other reptiles like chameleons and geckos. You only have to buy the right size for your enclosure.



#5. LUCKY HERP 100W Reptile Heat Lamp

If you have a longer tank and you want your beardie to enjoy basking wherever it hides, then you might want to consider this lamp.

The heat lamp is used by thousands of beardie owners and has stellar reviews. In addition, the company has designed their bulbs to fit most dome fixtures in reptile tanks.

The bulb has a wattage of 100 watts. This is on the higher end as compared to some of our other recommended bulbs, but it will work just as well, if not better!

This bulb do a great job at stimulating appetite and will help the bearded dragon digest food better. Oh, and did we mention, you get two for the price of one?

Overall, this 2-pack set of bulbs has excellent heat output making a comfortable place for your beardie to bask. In addition, its low price makes it hard to beat!



#6. Wuhostam 100W 2 Pack Ceramic Heat Lamp

These amazing little bulbs pack a powerful punch!

Ceramic bulbs do not emit light and concentrate all their energy on producing heat. Therefore, if you want to keep your bearded dragons tank warm but not emit a lot of light, this is a great option!

In addition, the bulbs are efficient at generating heat and last much longer. You could leave this bulb on for 24 hours without any danger of the bulb overheating, but you don’t have to.

But you need to choose a dome fixture that can handle the high heat these bulbs produce!

Due to their high quality, each of the ceramic heat bulbs could last 9,000 to 15,000 hours. That’s almost 750-1250 days if you are using it for 12 hours every day!

It seems like a safe bet now!



#7. Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb - 100 Watts (120V)

If you are looking for a basking lamp with high-intensity UVA and UVB light, consider the Mega-Ray Mercury Vapor Bulb.

The lamp produces about 900-1200uw/cm2 microwatts per square centimeter of UVA and 150-200uw/cm2 of UVB.

This amount of UVB is all that your bearded dragon needs to ensure that it stays healthy and has enough calcium.

But you need to use it with a solar meter to prevent overheating. Alternatively, you can place it high up in the tank to reduce heat exposure to your pet.



#8. Zilla Reptile Slimline Reptile Lighting Fixture with UVB Lamp, 18-Inches, 15 W

Although this lamp is small, it is extremely high quality and produces some heat along with UVB.

If you have a bigger enclosure, you can use two. This will ensure all sections are covered with UVB.

The light’s lamp simulates natural sunlight. So, your bearded dragon can enjoy basking just like it would out in the wild. However, you should get an additional heat lamp that produces more heat for your bearded dragon to bask.

In addition, the lamp is easy to setup. You can easily install the lightweight design and use it even in small enclosures.

It also has a transparent plastic cover that keeps dirt out while allowing light through. So, you can have a screen between the lamp and bearded dragon and light will still pass through.



#9. UVA UVB Mercury Vapor Bulb

This lamp’s UVA/UVB is perfect for a bearded dragon but also works for pets, such as snakes, iguanas, or lizards, tortoises, or turtles.

Since it’s large, it can work with a variety of enclosures, including tanks, vivarium’s, vision cages, terrariums, and more.

The lamp provides enough heat to keep your bearded dragon and encourage the production of Vitamin D.

You should, however, consider using it with a high-quality ceramic topic. This will avoid burning the top.

You don’t have to struggle when using it either. It comes with a clear set of instructions. When you first use it, watch your bearded dragon. Keep experimenting until you achieve the ideal temperature for your bearded dragon.

#10. AIICIOO UVB Reptile Light 100W - UVB Light Bulb for Reptile Bearded Dragon

If you worry about the safety of your reptiles when using lamps, you can rest easy. This lamp heats well and will never get too hot.

The lamp will consistently keep the tank at 20+ degrees hotter than your home. This is perfect, especially during those winter months.

One of the more attractive features of the lamp is its ability to be dimmed with a light dome. The domes dimmer will allow you to adjust the heat in the reptile enclosure without replacing it.

Because of the dimming feature, it is perfect for a baby bearded dragon and keeping your beardie warm at night!

However, when using the bulb, ensure that you turn the dimmer switch on.



Why Bearded Dragons Need UVB

Bearded dragons need UVB to keep healthy. For example, UVB helps the reptile produce vitamin D, calcium and develop strong bones.

After 12 months without an adequate source of UVB (and even with supplementation for some species), a very large percentage of reptiles develop the metabolic bone disease.

The disease presents with different symptoms depending on the severity of the situation. These might include:

Factors to Consider When Buying a UVB Lamp

A bearded dragon’s lighting setup should mimic the wild as closely as possible. Choose a lamp that provides greater coverage for the enclosure.

If you use a standard UVB bulb for a huge enclosure, it will not provide enough UVB heat.

The UVB Should Cover the Bearded Dragon Whenever It Goes

Bearded dragons will benefit if the lighting covers at least two-thirds of the tank. So, choose a busking bulb that will UVB wherever they go.

Linear lighting is a popular choice because it covers most of the tank. This mimics the wild where the sun is everywhere.

If you are using a coil UV light make sure that they are multiple spanning across the tank.

Also, have a solar reader to ensure they are putting out the correct lighting. However, it is cheaper to use UV light.

Change the Light After Six Months

Even if you have bought a good quality bulb, after six months, it may get weaker. As a result, your bearded dragon might not get enough UVB.

If not, the bulb could provide too much heat, which could be harmful to your bearded dragon.

Positioning the UV Light Correctly

You can place the lamp on top of the tank, outside the tank, or inside the tank. However, it is ideal to put it inside the tank.

Do not place a barrier between your reptile and the light. Any screen will filter out some UV lights from reaching the bearded dragon.

If you have a mesh, choose a busking bulb with high output so that it can penetrate the tank better.

Or you can put it on top of the tank if your tank is uncovered. Don’t put it on top of the glass. Glass filters almost 100% of UVB rays.

Most bulbs come with a chart showing how far your beardie should be from the bulb.

You need to position it in a place where the bearded dragon can get closer or further away from it.

Don’t put it too close or far from the bearded dragon. Your reptile might be getting dangerous amounts of heat.

Although bearded dragons can regulate their heat, sometimes they might not be able to.

If your UV light is far from the tank, the bearded dragon might not be getting all the lighting that it needs.


When buying busking bulbs for bearded dragons, you want to balance affordability with great heat output. Even though the options are many, this guide provides some of the best basking bulbs for bearded dragons you can find in the market.