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best fake plants for crested geckos

Today we’re going to be discussing the best fake plants for crested geckos. 

Crested geckos need a variety of vines, plants, and other climbing surfaces to enjoy. This is what they have in their natural habitat – so the goal should be to recreate an environment that closely resembles what they would have in the wild.

Hence, we’re going to discussing some of the best fake plants for crested geckos. Although these plants are fake – crested geckos enjoy them just as much as real ones!

So, without further ado – here’s our top picks for the best fake plants for crested geckos!

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Editor’s Choice

PINVNBY Bearded Dragon Hammock Jungle Climber Vines Flexible Reptile Leaves

This amazing bundle package comes with a fake plant, hammock, and large vine – easily making it our number one pick. 

If you’re looking to spruce up your crested geckos’ enclosure and give them tons of time to climb and explore – this is going to be the best bang for your buck purchase!

Quick-Fact Chart – 5 Best Fake Plants for Crested Geckos

# Plant Accessories Vine Ratings
Yes [suction cups (5pcs) and hammock (three angles)]
[synthetic, bendable rattan (78.8”)]
[suction cups (2pcs)]
[Resin (8.7”)]
[suction cups (3pcs)]
[suction cups (8pcs)]
[soft PVC(7.5ft)]
[suction cups (2pcs)]

Buying Guide: 5 Best Fake Plants for Crested Geckos

What to Consider before Buying the Best Fake Plants for Crested Geckos


When you’re between choices for fake plants, accessories could be a deal-breaker.

First, you need to consider how many suction cups come with your choice fake plant. Any fake plant with less than two suction cups isn’t a great option. The reason is simple – you don’t want your geckos falling off hung plants by accidents. Two or more suction cups make that happen.

Secondly, you need to look at other additions that will make your geckos enjoy themselves around these fake plants. Additions like hammocks and other climbing accessories add more value to your purchase.

Select a fake plant with the right number of accessories. With the perfect choice, it becomes easier to max out recreation and fun for your gecko.


A strong, flexible vine is a great addition if you’re keen on getting more climbing fun for your reptile. Not all fake plants sport vines, but several options have these flexible additions to provide buyers more value.

Vines on fake plants provide more stability for your crested geckos whenever they choose to climb. Also, vines make it much easier to avoid tangling your fake plants, and makes maintenance more comfortable too.


The plants themselves need to be life-like enough if you plan to recreate your reptiles’ natural habitat. Select fake plants that have correct detailing to ease mimicking your geckos’ wild environment.

If you manage to create a life-like appearance of your geckos’ habitat, it will experience less stress and adapt easily.

Size of your Gecko

Bigger geckos tend to need broader leaves, whether fake or real. It is important to get more fake leaves in your geckos’ habitat as it keeps growing. You don’t want your gecko getting bored while in its tank with small, fake leaves.

Select bulkier plants if your gecko is a juvenile. Smaller geckos may be hard to spot under bulky leaves, so it’s better to choose wisely.

Fake Plants vs. Real Plants – Head-to-Head

There’s a lot of hype about real plants being the best when it comes to recreating a crested gecko’s habitat. But it’s worth noting that real plants have their shortcomings. Let’s take a look at how both plants match up for setting up your crested geckos’ tank:


Fake Plants Real Plants
Doesn’t need watering
Natural appearance akin to geckos’ habitat
No need for pruning
Supports a humid environment
Easier to clean
Easier to choose among colors
Will not grow and may have a natural appearance
Engenders air circulation


Fake Plants Real Plants
May have some sharp edges
Caring for real plants may be tricky
Usually offers a less than natural appearance in some options
Dying plants may not serve any purpose to your gecko
Different texture from natural leaves
Continuous pruning could be a headache

As this table points out, fake and real plants have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. But if you’re keen on better ease of use, you better go for fake plants in your geckos’ tank.

5 Best Fake Plants for Crested Geckos

1. PINVNBY Bearded Dragon Hammock Jungle Climber Vines Flexible Reptile Leaves

Reptiles need a complete set of vines, leaves, and other stuff to climb on in their tank. And with this set, you get several items to make your geckos’ love their tank without hassle.


The 78.8” bendable rattan vine in this set can stretch multiple times across your geckos’ tank. Your gecko will have lots of climbing real estate whenever it needs to exercise. Besides having a long vine in each pack, this fake plant set provides relaxation spots for your gecko.

A triangle-shaped hammock can be at any area of your geckos’ tank, making relaxation more comfortable. Your gecko won’t fall from this hammock as it easily attaches with three suction cups. These cups are also available on the vine ends to make placement much easier.

Besides having a lot of stuff for your gecko to enjoy, this set comes with beautiful, artificial leaves. You can easily recreate your geckos’ natural environment with these leaves, making your reptiles feel at home.




The fake plant provides multiple accessories your geckos are sure to love. Make the most of what this plant offers, and make sure there’s no dull moment in your reptiles’ tank.

2. Aqua KT Reptile Corner Branch Terrarium Plant Decoration

If you need a terrarium plant that offers several exciting features for your geckos, check this out.


The plant features a corner branch that supports climbing for your crested geckos. And with its 8.66” long and 1.9” wide resin vine, your reptile can be comfortable in its tank.

Two suction cups hold this decorative plant onto your geckos’ tank. These cups are solid and cling to your geckos’ tank, making falls less likely.




Even with just two suction cups, several pet owners still prefer this decorative vine and set of leaves. With its natural appearance and durable design, it could be an excellent fit for your crested geckos.

3. WILLBOND 3 Pieces Artificial Reptile Plants Reptiles Terrarium Leaves

The three-piece reptile plant set provides users an excellent substitute for real plants in their geckos’ tank. Check out all it offers below.


Three 12” plant styles are available in each pack, which gives your geckos several choices. These plants can also cling to your geckos’ tank.

It also has soft polyethylene stem and silk leaves, meaning your geckos will experience no injuries from this set. Besides having soft leaves, this set has several hiding spots your geckos can max out.




If you need your crested geckos to have a great time in the tank, recreation is crucial. And with this set of fake plants, these geckos could have all the climbing support they will ever need. It also has a natural appearance, meaning your gecko will blend in with ease.

4. ADCSUITZ Reptile Plants - Fake Vine Leaves

If you need a top set of fake leaves in your crested geckos’ tank, check these out.


Two vine leaves measuring 7.5ft, along with a 6.5” vine designed from soft PVC and wire are in this set. It also comes with a massive 3/5” vine diameter, making it easy for your geckos to climb in their tank.

And with eight suction cups, this set promises increased stability as opposed to other fake plants.




Besides being easy to maintain, this set of vine leaves provides an excellent climbing support for your reptile. Whenever your reptile has to climb and hide under shade, these leaves deliver excellent cover.

5. No-branded Reptile Plants, 2 Pieces Hanging Silk Terrarium Plant with Suction Cup

Owners of pet reptiles searching for soft, fake leaves to place in their geckos’ tank should look at this option. It has several features to benefit your gecko directly and give you more value for money.


With two 12” vines and a life-like appearance on its leaves, this set is a brilliant choice for any gecko tank. Also, it comes with two suction cups to boost easier placement in your geckos’ tank.

It features a polyethylene stalk and silk leaves to keep your geckos safe from injury. And with its lifetime, money-back guarantee, you’re sure to get your money’s worth without hassle!




With its soft parts and some of the best synthetic materials, this fake plant provides ample support for geckos’ comfort. Your geckos can hide under its silk leaves and climb onto its tip without hassle. And since it can be placed vertically or horizontally, it’s a great fit for all terrariums.


What plants are safe for crested geckos?

Five plants – dwarf umbrella tree, bird’s nest fern, Chinese evergreen, Petra, and Pothos are safe for crested geckos. Dozens of other options are available, but you’ll have nothing to worry about with these five.

Can I put fake plants in my gecko tank?

Putting fake plants in your gecko’s tank is a great idea. Adding plants to your geckos’ terrarium makes climbing more enjoyable for your creeping pets. Also, fake plants are way easier to maintain than live ones in your geckos’ tank.

What is toxic to crested geckos?

Crested geckos can get infected and even die from ingesting some cleaning products. Ingesting shavings made from some types of wood could also be fatal to crested geckos.

It is important to keep your geckos away from anything that has phenols or pine scent in it. Crested geckos could also die from ingesting substrate made from cedar or pine shavings.

Are fake plants safe for reptiles?

Fake plants designed for use in terrariums or aquariums are safe for reptiles. Make sure you get your fake plants after a careful review of all options available. Some inferior products on the market could cause problems for your reptiles.

Final Thoughts: 5 Best Fake Plants for Crested Geckos

Selecting the best fake plants for crested geckos may be a tall order for some. But with what this guide provides, making an easy choice is more comfortable. Several of these fake plants have everything your crested gecko needs to recreate and relax.

Make the most of products suggested in this post. Get your crested geckos that set of fake plants they need to flourish.

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