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best leopard gecko breeders

If you’re looking for the best leopard gecko breeders online (or in-person), you’ve come to the perfect page! Keep reading to learn more!

Leopard geckos make great pets due to their social nature, easy-care, and calm demeanors.

Yet, when it comes to finding a leopard gecko for sale, you want to be sure that you’re getting a happy & healthy reptile!

There are lots of bad breeders out there. Thus, it’s essential to make sure you’re buying from a reputable breeder with a long and successful history of breeding leopard geckos.

Hence, we’ve studied all the best leopard gecko breeders out there. 

Here’s the breakdown of our criteria:

  1. Online reviews
  2. Husbandry practices
  3. History & reputation
  4. Cleanliness of facilities
  5. Leopard gecko morphs for sale
  6. Cost

So, without further ado, here are the best leopard gecko breeders out there!

We will be going over both online leopard gecko breeders and local places you can buy a leopard gecko.

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CBReptiles is one of the oldest and most successful leopard gecko breeders in the industry.

Not only are they family-owned, but they also have a biologist on-site to ensure the health and care of their reptiles.

Unlike other reptile suppliers, CBReptiles prioritizes the health of their reptiles over profits. Each leopard gecko is housed with the proper substrate, diet, heating, and care.

In addition, CBReptiles has a vast selection of leopard geckos to choose from. They have all sorts of morphs such as raptors, albinos, sunglow, inferno, tangerine, and plenty more! They’ve even created their own morphs through years of breeding!

Furthermore, they have FedEx’s one-day shipping and a 7-day health guarantee. Therefore, in the rare circumstance that your leopard gecko dies, they will replace it 100% free of charge.

All in all, if you’re looking for a long-time, trustworthy online leopard breeder, CBReptiles should be your first choice. They have a massive selection of morphs, years of experience breeding reptiles, and provide excellent care.

XYZ Reptiles

Like CBReptiles, XYZ Reptiles has been breeding leopard geckos for many years. They’re one of the oldest reptile breeders in the U.S. and have been selling reptiles for over 35 years!

However, unlike CBReptiles, XYZ Reptiles has a smaller selection of leopard geckos. Some of the leopard gecko morphs they carry include Raptors, High Yellows, Tangerines, Carrot Tails, and more.

But, although they don’t have a vast selection, they offer incredible prices on leopard geckos. Many of their leopard geckos are under $50!

The only other downside is they only have leopard geckos during certain parts of the year. Usually, this is during summer, when it is prime leopard gecko breeding season.

Often, you’ll have to join a waitlist to reserve a spot to buy a leopard gecko.

Furthermore, XYZ Reptiles also provides one-day FedEx shipping, and they guarantee the safe arrival of your leopard gecko. If anything goes wrong, they will replace your leopard gecko free of charge.

Additionally, they offer plenty of supplies, insects, and other feeders for leopard geckos. Therefore, you can buy everything you need for your leopard gecko, all at once!

They also offer a payment plan with PayPal. Rather than paying for everything up front, you can select “Buy now, pay later.” This will allow you to purchase everything up front and make interest-free payments over several months.

Because XYZ Reptiles is one of the oldest breeders in the business and has stellar reviews online, we highly recommend buying a leopard gecko from them! Their leopard geckos are healthy, inexpensive, and they offer all the supplies you need to set up your leopard geckos enclosure!

Backwater Reptiles

Backwater Reptiles is a great option if you’re looking for an inexpensive leopard gecko for sale.

They are one-of-a-kind when it comes to the proper husbandry of leopard geckos and other reptiles. They have a beautiful, 3,000 SQ FT facility where they breed and care for their reptiles.

Moreover, they contribute to many reptiles foundations, including the International Reptile Conservation Foundation. They are also members of USARK. Finally, they plant one tree in Madagascar for every order. It’s clear they have a strong love for nature and reptiles!

Like all online reptile breeders, they offer one-day shipment and guarantee the safe arrival of your leopard gecko.

They also have many morphs to choose from, including Mack Snow, Sunglow, Enigma, Supersnow, Normal, and Leucistic.

When you consider their incredible reputation, love for the environment, and competitive prices, Backwater Reptiles is hard to beat!

Big Apple Herp

Big Apple Herp is another great option when you’re on the hunt for leopard geckos for sale.
Besides their great customer service and love for breeding reptiles, Big Apple Herp has a great selection of leopard gecko morphs for reasonable prices!

They began breeding reptiles out of a small facility in New York in 1993. Today, they’re one of the largest leopard gecko breeders in the United States!

They have beautiful leopard gecko morphs such as Super Snow, Mack Snow, Raptor, Albinos, Hyper Tangerine, Hybino, and plenty more! Their leopard geckos really pop in color and are absolutely stunning!

In addition, their customer service is top-notch. Not only do they quickly respond to emails, but they also even have a number you can text them at! They prioritize providing the best possible customer service!

To summarize, Big Apple Herp has class-A customer service, a vast selection of leopard gecko morphs, and is one of the oldest leopard gecko breeders around.

Morph Market

Morph Market has an amazing selection of leopard geckos for sale.

They have specialized leopard gecko morphs, some of which they’ve created themselves! Some of these morphs include Bandits, Bold Stripes, Tremper Albinos, Atomics, Bloods, Eclipse, Cinnamons, Baldy’s, and even Black Pearls!

However, these specialized morphs don’t come cheap. Some of their leopard geckos run upwards of $2,000 or more. However, most of them cost in the $200-$300 range.

In addition, Morph Market is a platinum member of USARK. Their website is full of information on proper leopard gecko care, breeding ethics, and Ecology. It’s clear they care about the health and welfare of their leopard geckos!

Finally, Morph Market sells internationally to countries throughout Europe as well as South Africa. If you’re out of the United States, this will be your best option when looking for a leopard gecko for sale online!

Overall, Morph Market is the best leopard gecko breeder out there when it comes to their expansive variety of morphs. If you have the budget and want a leopard gecko that would make an excellent breeder, Morph Market should be at the top of your list!

BHB Reptiles

You may have heard of BHB Reptiles as they’re one of the best leopard gecko breeders in the business!
BHB Reptiles takes pride in the quality of care they provide their leopard geckos. They have a long history of producing beautiful leopard geckos that live long and healthy lives.

Moreover, their customer service is incredible. Feel free to send them an email asking for a particular morph or future hatchlings. They’re more than willing to take additional photos, provide current weights, or any other additional information you’d like on a specific leopard gecko.

They offer numerous leopard gecko morphs including Tremper Albinos, Eclipse, Tangerines, Bandits, Sunglows Super Snows, Mack Snows. They also offer several rare morphs such as dark lines and Super Raptors.

In addition, BHB Reptiles almost always has leopard geckos for sale, whether it’s leopard gecko breeding season or not.

If you need assistance or have any questions regarding their leopard geckos, you can contact them any time Monday – Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM EST. You can also give them a call, and you’ll be greeted with a reptile expert that can answer all your questions and concerns.

All said and done, BHB Reptiles has a nice selection of leopard geckos, and they’re always in stock. Additionally, their prices are reasonable, and their customer service is superb.


ReptMart is another great reptile breeder that we’re confident will provide you with a healthy and happy leopard gecko!

 Unlike many of the more prominent leopard gecko breeders, Reptmart doesn’t have a middleman. They breed their leopard geckos right in-house and provide excellent care to their reptiles.

All their leopard geckos are individually housed, given all the proper care including heating mats, humid hides, and consistent water and bugs. It’s clear they care about producing healthy leopard geckos.

In addition, they provide a variety of supplies that will help you care for your leopard gecko. This includes heat bulbs, plants, thermostats, vines, terrariums, vitamins, substrates, cleaning supplies, and bugs. As a result, you can purchase all the necessities along with your leopard gecko!

ReptMart, like CBReptiles, provides a 7-day health guarantee on all their leopard geckos. This will give you confidence that you’re getting a healthy leopard gecko!

In terms of morphs, ReptMart has a wide variety. Some examples include Tremper Albinos, Blizzards, Blazing Blizzards, Normals, Pinstripes, Super Snows, and Leucistics. They’re also reasonable when it comes to pricing.

Overall, although ReptMart doesn’t have the same reputation as some of the other breeders on our list, they seem to honestly care about their leopard geckos and have a superb selection of leopard geckos at great prices!

Imperial Reptiles


If you’re seeking a leopard gecko breeder that’s been around for more than ten years and offers extremely reasonable prices, look no further!

Imperial Reptiles has incredible prices for the quality of leopard gecko morphs they offer. Some of their most popular morphs include Albinos, Tangerines, High Colors, Raptors, and more!

Furthermore, they offer designer leopard gecko morphs such as Jungles, Aptors, Diablos, and even Black Knights! Black Knights are one of the rarest leopard gecko morphs in the world!

One of our favorite aspects of Imperial Reptiles is their terrific website. It’s super easy to use, provides plenty of information, and has a super easy checkout system.

In addition, Imperial Reptiles offers special deals depending on the time of year. For instance, during October, they have Halloween deals, and during December, they have Christmas specials!

They deeply care for their leopard geckos. They’re all housed individually and given all the necessities to develop into healthy adults. All their leopard geckos are fed mealworms, so it’ll make it easy knowing exactly what to feed your new leopard gecko!

Overall, we’re really impressed by Imperial Reptiles and their massive selection of leopard geckos in stock. They truly care for their reptiles and also offer great deals year-round!



GeckoBoa, unlike the other leopard gecko breeders on our list, solely specializes in the breeding of leopard geckos.

At first glance, we were astounded by the beautiful leopard gecko morphs for sale. It’s clear they have a passion for breeding leopard geckos.

GeckoBoa, by no means, is a prominent leopard gecko breeder. Rather, they’re a small, family-owned business operated by an expert leopard gecko keeper named John.

John has an Instagram with the amazing leopard geckos they have for sale. He also has a popular YouTube channel where he shows his breeding and husbandry practices. Although he doesn’t post often, he does have a few great videos that will give you insight his processes.

Overall, GeckoBoa has some of the most beautiful leopard gecko morphs we’ve seen. They’ve been breeding leopard geckos for more than seven years and clearly have a passion for breeding healthy and astounding leopard geckos!

We highly recommend checking out their incredible selection of leopard geckos for sale. You should also follow their social media channels to stay up to date with their current morphs and hatchlings.

Gecko Fire


Although they’re at the bottom of our list, Gecko Fire is by no means a bad breeder. They’re easily one of the best leopard gecko breeders around. They have some of the rarest leopard gecko morphs in the world!

Similar to CBReptiles, Gecko Fire has an on-site biologist to ensure their leopard geckos are receiving the best possible care. Undoubtedly, they’re serious about caring for leopard geckos!

Impressively, Gecko Fire has the largest selection of leopard gecko morphs in the world! They have every color or morph you can imagine.

Some of the rarest leopard gecko morphs they have for sale include Diablo Blanco’s, Black Nights, Tangerines, Giants, Infernos, Tangelos, and Mandarins. In fact, their Black Night leopard geckos are the darkest leopard geckos we’ve ever seen.

However, like Morph Market, you can expect to pay higher prices for these premium morphs. Some of their leopard geckos, such as their Black Night’s, run upwards of $3,000. Most of their leopard geckos cost in the $300-$500 range.

If you’re looking to breed leopard geckos and potentially become a leopard gecko breeder yourself, we highly recommend buying a leopard gecko from either Gecko Fire or Morph Market. They have the best selection of leopard gecko morphs in the industry.

What to Consider When Looking for The Best Leopard Gecko Breeders


When hunting down the best leopard gecko breeders, the first thing you should check is their reviews.

A simple Google search with the breeder’s name, followed by the word “reviews,” will lead you in the right direction. So, for instance, if you’re looking at Morph Market, google “Morph Market Reviews.”

Leopard Gecko Breeder Care

Another vital point to consider is the care your leopard gecko breeder is providing their reptiles.

For instance, if they have an on-site biologist like CBReptiles and Gecko Fire, you can be sure they’re providing the best possible care for their leopard geckos.

Another good clue that your leopard gecko breeder is providing antiquate care is if they are members of the USARK program. USARK is a non-profit organization that provides science, education, and proper husbandry in the care and trade of reptiles.

Reptile breeders can acquire certain levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), which will indicate the strength of their USARK membership. For example, Morph Market is a platinum member of USARK. Furthermore, Backwater Reptiles is a Gold member of USARK. Therefore, you can be sure that these breeders deeply care about the proper husbandry of reptiles!

Generally, most leopard gecko breeders have an “About” page. This page will usually discuss their history of breeding reptiles, their facilities, and the care they provide. Reading the about page is a great way to find out more information about a breeder!


Generally speaking, most of the best leopard gecko breeders have been around for decades. XYZ Reptiles, for instance, has been breeding leopard geckos for more than 35 years!
A long history of breeding leopard geckos is generally a good sign that they’re doing a great job!

Although, even if a leopard gecko breeder has been around for just a few years, you shouldn’t automatically assume they’re a bad breeder. Every breeder has to start somewhere, and some of the best breeders have only been around for five years or less!


Although this isn’t the most critical factor, it is something to consider.

Many of the best leopard gecko breeders have leopard geckos for sale year-round. Whether it’s leopard gecko breeding season or not, most breeders will continue to breed their reptiles throughout the entirety of the year.

It can be annoying when you want to buy a leopard gecko, but your breeder is out of stock. Therefore, this is something worth considering when looking for a breeder.

Leopard Gecko Morphs

Typically, leopard gecko breeders will carry a variety of different morphs to choose from.
Some of the more common morphs include Albinos, Sunglows, and Mack Snows. These are generally priced in the $50-$200 price range.

However, some more upscale leopard gecko breeders frequently carry rarer morphs such as Supergiants, Black Nights, and Jungles. Some of these leopard gecko morphs can be as much as several thousand dollars.

Choosing a morph is really a matter of preference. For instance, if you like the color orange, you may want to settle for a Tangerine leopard gecko.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in breeding leopard geckos yourself, you may want to spend the extra money to get a rarer morph. Thus, you’ll be able to put your baby leopard geckos for sale at a much higher price.


The cost of a leopard gecko can vary greatly. It depends on several factors, including the following:

As you can tell, many factors determine the cost of a leopard gecko.

However, some breeders sell their leopard geckos for less money than others. For instance, Backwater Reptiles offers excellent deals. However, they have a much smaller selection of leopard gecko morphs and color variants.

Morph Market, on the other hand, offers plenty of rare morphs – but they’re much more costly.

The price you’re willing to pay for your leopard gecko is completely up to you. It comes down to the goals you have with your leopard gecko (i.e., are you trying to breed them or want one as a pet).

If you’re only looking to buy a leopard gecko as a pet, we recommend spending somewhere in the $50-$300 price range. However, if you’re looking to become a leopard gecko breeder, you’re probably going to have to increase your budget to $300-$700+.

Customer Service

Customer service is often overlooked when it comes to buying a leopard gecko. However, it should be one of the most significant factors when determining which breeder to buy from.

If your breeder is slow to respond to emails or doesn’t provide a detailed response, it’s probably a good sign that they’re a bad breeder. Any good breeder will be more than happy to go out of their way to answer all your questions and concerns.

For instance, Big Apple Herp is one of the best leopard gecko breeders in the industry simply because they have fantastic customer support. You can call them any time, and they even have a number you can text! They’re speedy to respond and love helping their customers.

Final Thoughts on The Best Leopard Geckos Breeders

With the numerous options available, finding a reliable leopard gecko breeder can be challenging in today’s market.

There’s plenty of bad breeders that prioritize high profits over the care they provide their animals.

However, with the help of this list, we hope we hope we can provide you with some excellent options when it comes to finding a trustworthy leopard gecko breeder!

Once you’ve purchased your leopard gecko (or even before), be sure to check out our ultimate leopard gecko care guide. We’ll teach you everything you need to know when it comes to caring for your leopard gecko and ensuring they live the best possible life!