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best leopard gecko leashes

If you just got your first leopard gecko, it could be tricky to take them on a walk. Expert handlers of leopard geckos still need to keep their pets on a leash too. Chances of your leopard gecko making a run for it may be high, particularly if it’s not familiar with you.

But with a leopard leash, all that changes.

Getting the best leopard leash makes it easy to take your reptile on a walk without having to worry. That’s why this review looks at five of the best gecko leashes. Getting a great choice for your leopard gecko doesn’t get any better.

And if you don’t have time to read our full review of the best leopard gecko leashes, check out the editor’s choice. Make a quick pick and get your gecko on a leash now!

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5 Best Leopard Gecko Leashes Reviewed

Here’s a close look at five (5) best leopard gecko leashes out there right now:

1. STARROAD-TIM Adjustable Lizard Leash and Harness – Best Overall

If you’re looking for a well-rounded gecko leash, this is as good a harness as you can get. With several adjustable features and a beautiful design, it’s a great fit for your leopard gecko.


The adjustable leash features three (small, medium, and large) sizes to fit your geckos as they grow. Keeping your gecko comfortable is a breeze as this set has a beautiful ergonomic design. If you’re keen on giving your gecko a winged look, this set has that too.

All sizes of this leash are designed with soft, handmade leather. If you need a leash that won’t harm your gecko, this is a great fit. A durable nylon rope features on this leash, making it easy to take your leopard gecko outside.

Do you want your gecko to look sharp whenever you both go out? The winged design of this harness is an excellent fit.

The black and gold hue of this wing fixture is a great match, regardless of your gecko’s color. Also, the wings come as fully-adjustable and fit with the three sets of packaged harnesses.


- Beautiful winged design

- Three sets of harnesses

- Strong nylon rope


- May not fit full-grown reptiles




The lizard leash is a great choice for pet owners keen on more value in one purchase.

2. Wontee 2 Pack Adjustable Reptile Harness and Leash for Lizard Gecko – Best for Adjustability

If you don’t fancy a leather material for your leopard gecko’s harness, try out this alternative. It comes with a lot of features to keep your reptile looking sharp whenever you hit the outdoors.


Many reptile leashes use on soft leather as their main harness material. But this option bucks that trend with its suede material. Suede is one of the most comfortable synthetic materials you can find. It’s soft, smooth, and not likely to hurt your gecko’s skin.

Besides having a soft synthetic material, an adjustable buckle on this leash makes it easy to assure it fits. Some inferior gecko liners could get damaged by reptiles, but not this option. It features a metal leash fitted on its lower chain. Such a fitting makes it hard for reptiles to eat the leash’s liner.

One thing pet owners of geckos agree on is more length on their leash. That’s why this gecko leash comes with 3.3ft of rope, making it easy to give your gecko more walking space.


- Long harness rope

- Durable, low-fitted metal chain

- Adjustable buckle


- Doesn’t have winged fitting




If you need an easy-adjust harness, this is a great choice.

3. Fluker's Repta Leash for Reptile – Best Multi-Size Reptile Leash

Multi-size leashes are in demand. With this option, you can get your gecko on a leash, no matter how small or big it is.


Six (6) sizes of this reptile leash are available (extra small – large). Many size options make it easy to get your gecko a perfect fit. And that’s just for starters to this leash.

With a long six-feet line, this leash allows your pet take a comfortable walk without you tugging at its abdomen. A sizing chart is available for buyers to make a great choice and get a perfect fit for their reptile.


- Six sizes available

- Has a long line

- Soft harness


- Not a one-size-fits-all product




Pet owners looking for a reptile leash with many sizes will love this option.

4. Dorras Lizard Leash, Adjustable Comfort Leather Harness – Best for Universal Fit

With the right dimensions and a whole lot of attractive features, this leash is a favorite for many pet owners. It could be your main choice when you get the hang of everything it provides.


The leather on this leash is 5.2” long and 2.5” wide, making it an ideal fit for many reptiles. Also, it comes with an adjustable design, assuring pet owners can keep their reptiles comfy during a walk.

Besides being a great fit for leopard geckos, the leash is a multi-reptile option. Chinchillas, iguanas, Chinese water dragons, etc. can fit nicely into this leash. Makers of this leash claim its materials don’t come from toxic substances, ensuring your lizard is healthy.


- Affordable

- Universal fit

- Ideal for leashing many reptiles


- Low customer rating




The leash has a design that puts comfort above everything else for your gecko. It’s a great choice for pet owners keen on a comfy, durable leash.

5. KWANITHINK Adjustable Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko Leash – Top Winged Reptile Harness

If you need a leash that fits your gecko perfectly, this could be what you need. Look at all its features closely. It could be the leash your gecko needs.


With a 5.7ft rope, this leash is one of the longest you can find. It comes with a comfortable, durable line to make it easy for your reptile to have a nice walk every time.

The leash is available in three (3) sizes. With different size options, you can get a perfect fit no matter how small or grown your reptile is. Also, the reptile leash allows buyers get a nice fit for geckos with a 3” – 6.5” girth. If your reptiles are getting matured very fast, this leash is a great buy.

Are you keen on making your gecko look sharp?

With the winged design of this lizard leash, your reptile will look upbeat whenever it’s time to head out.


- Winged design

- Three-in-one leash

- Massive chest girth support


- Doesn’t have a six-size option




The leash has a winged design and supports several features reptiles need to take a comfortable walk.

Final Thoughts: 5 Best Leopard Gecko Leashes

If you’re keen on a great leash for your reptile, choose from the 5 best leopard gecko leashes in this review.

Pet owners keen on an adjustable option will find these choices perfect for their reptile. Besides offering high adjustability, these leashes offer improved décor effect, durability, and added length.

Taking your gecko out while looking sharp can’t get any better. It’s a great step to make your gecko feel comfortable outdoors. You don’t want your reptile feeling uncomfortable whenever it’s going out.