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best rocks for leopard geckos

Recreating your leopard geckos’ natural habitat needs some work if you plan to get it right. The best rocks for leopard geckos will be ones that help you recreate your reptiles’ natural habitat and make them feel as if they were in the wild!

Within this post, we’re going to checking out six of the best rocks for leopard geckos! And if you don’t have time to read through the entire post, consider the Editor’s choice as a quick pick.

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Editor’s Choice

Zoo-Med Reptile Shelter

  • Large enough for both juvenile and adult leopard geckos.
  • Easy to access your leopard gecko by taking the top off.
  • Can be used as an egg-laying den (if needed).
  • Looks natural!
Our leopard gecko enjoying his fake Zoo-Med rock

Buying Guide: 6 Best Rocks for Leopard Geckos

What to Consider before Buying Rocks for Leopard Geckos


When selecting a rock for your leopard geckos, make sure you choose a multipurpose option. Choosing a rock with multiple functions makes it easy to fulfill all your geckos’ immediate needs.

Pick a rock that allows space for climbing, basking, hiding, sleeping, temperature regulation, and more. Luckily, several options in this guide provide multiple features your gecko can benefit from hassle-free.


Refrain from choosing a rock that has multiple parts – it could be dangerous to your gecko. A single mode keeps your geckos safe and makes sure they don’t get crushed by accident. If you select two-part molds, like the Zoo Med Reptile Shelter 3-in-1 Cave, it must have a tight-lock design.

Size of Your Gecko

Bigger geckos tend to need massive rocks to navigate, climb, bask, exercise, etc. with ease. Most rocks for terrariums are available in different sizes, making it easy to pick an option suited to your geckos’ needs.

If you don’t want to be picky and plan to save, buy the largest size of your preferred rock. You won’t have to spend more money on another rock whenever your gecko starts approaching adulthood.


Most terrarium rocks are actually resins bonded in special template molds. If you’re selecting among rocks for your leopard gecko, check out the lightest you can find. The reason why lighter options are better is for your geckos’ safety.

If you select a real rock, make sure it is in an area where it’s less likely to tip over. You don’t want to have a crushed leopard gecko on your hands.

6 Best Rocks for Leopard Geckos

Here’s a look at six of the best rocks for leopard geckos. Read the details and make your choice hassle-free!

1. Fluker Labs SFK50000 Reptile Natural Rock Cavern – Best for Small Reptiles

With a natural appearance and sleek design, this rock is a great fit for several reptiles. Check out all it offers your small geckos below:


The polished exterior of this natural rock gives it a decent appearance, making it an ideal decorative detail. You can place it in a geckos’ tank with ease, and it’s anti-flip design protects your gecko.

Smaller geckos that love to hide can make the most of this rock’s interior space without hassle. And it mimics the appearance of rocks found around your geckos’ natural habitat. Your creeping pet will feel right at home in this cavern for sure!



The natural rock provides great cover for your reptiles and should provide a climbing thrill for geckos. However, compared to the Exo Terra rock, it cannot be used as an egg laying den. Furthermore, it is on the smaller side so overweight geckos may have trouble accessing it.

2. Exo Terra 0015561229319 1 Reptile Cave – Best Resin Cave

If you need a lifelike reptile cave in your geckos’ vivarium, check out this resin mold from Exo Terra. It has several features your creeping friends are sure to benefit from without hassle.


The 9.8” long, 7.48” wide, and 4.33” high dimension of this reptile cave makes it an excellent fit for geckos. All sizes of geckos can make their way into this cave and exist with ease. Also, it comes with a universal fit design, making it a perfect fit for any vivarium.

It also features a resin template designed to be lightweight and provide excellent cover for your reptiles.

All your creeping friends will make the most of what this covering platform has to offer. Besides offering a universal fit, this platform offers a naturalistic appearance. If you’re keen on recreating your geckos’ habitat, you can’t overlook this cave.



The cover design of this leopard gecko shelter makes it a perfect hiding spot for your pet. And with its realistic appearance, your pet will take a liking to climbing over and resting under it. 

3. Zoo Med Reptile Shelter 3 in 1 Cave – Best Multi-Reptile Cave Platform

Multiple features from one cave platform makes your geckos’ time in the tank more comfortable. With this platform, you guarantee your reptiles an excellent time in their enclosure. Check out all it has to offer to make the most of your geckos recreation, relaxation, and much more.


With four sizes available, this reptile shelter provides the right covering for several creeping creatures. Your snakes, geckos, bearded dragons, and other reptiles can crawl into this shelter’s enclosure.

The enclosure can also function as a spot for laying eggs. Supporting your reptile to get their eggs out is one of this shelter’s strong features. With the enclosure, these eggs can hatch easily and add to your pet pool.

A recreation of your reptile’s natural habitat is necessary to make your gecko feel at home. That’s why this reptile shelter has a naturalistic appearance to help your gecko recreate its natural space.



Reptiles will find the multitude of features this shelter provides’ super-handy. Unlike most other hides, it comes in several different sizes for different types of reptiles. Additionally, unlike the other caves we’ve discussed, this one can be used as an egg-laying den.

4. Emours Reptile Cave Habitat & Hide Out – Best Slate Rock

The reptile slate rock has several outstanding features designed to give your gecko an excellent time. Check out what it has to offer. It could be the habitat fixture your geckos need.


The 8” long, 4.7” wide, and 2.3” high slate rock is an excellent decorative detail in your leopard geckos’ tank. Apart from being a beautiful slate rock, it makes recreation for reptiles a lot easier.

Quality resin is the choice material for putting this slate rock together, giving a light, yet durable build. The stepped ramp design is an excellent fixture to aid your geckos climb and descend this platform at will.

A wide and flat surface on this platform makes basking more comfortable for your reptile. Hiding behind this cave rock is easier with its detailed contouring. The slate rock is a great addition to any terrarium, even if you’re using it for turtles, bearded dragons, etc.



Geckos need a platform that has the right design for recreation in their habitat. This easy-clean, stepped ramp slate rock is a great choice to consider. Unlike the Zoo Med and Exo Terra rocks we’ve discussed, the Emours reptile cave is less secure and feels less like a ‘cave’ and more like a ‘decoration’ for your tank. However, it looks cool and provides plenty of climbing opportunities, nonetheless. 

5. BINANO Reptile Basking Platform Original Rock Slab – Best for Reptile Basking

If your reptiles have to bask without hassle, this platform could be a difference-maker. Check out all the features this slab offers and get your gecko that comfortable experience it craves.


The original design of this rock slab makes it an excellent fit for recreating your geckos’ natural environment. With its roughened edges, unpolished surface, and natural color, it’s a great addition to your geckos’ tank.

Water absorption is easier with this platform, making moisture retention comfortable for your geckos. Besides being a great choice for retaining moisture, the slab offers temperature insulation as a bonus.

Four anti-slip mats come with this basking platform to ease movement for your leopard gecko. The natural rock slab is available in two sizes and helps geckos max out comfort in their habitat, size regardless.



Owners of pet geckos that need a durable basking platform will fancy what this option has to offer.

6. Penn-Plax Reptology Shale Step Ledge for Aquariums & Terrariums – Best Overall

Owners of pet reptiles need a shale step ledge in their leopard gecko’s habitat. To make the most of your reptiles’ time in the tank, check out what this top brand has to offer.


With 21 steps and a top platform, this realistic rock formation provides the right design to help your geckos exercise. With its improved, natural look, it also becomes easy to create your pet reptiles natural habitat.

It features hand-painted impressions that add to its overall beauty and appeal to geckos. Hiding spots are underneath this step ledge to help your reptiles make the most of temperature regulation, rest, and more.

Three sizes of this ledge are available, making it easy to get an option that suits your gecko’s age.



If you’re keen on a step ledge for geckos to beautify their habitat and provide hiding spots, this is it.


What kind of hides do leopard geckos like?

Geckoes should have warm, moist, and cool hides in their habitat. The three different hides in your geckos’ habitat are important to help your geckos regulate their temperature with ease.

Can I put rocks from outside in my leopard gecko tank?

You can place rocks from your yard or other areas outside your house in a gecko tank. Ensure the rocks are clean so your geckos aren’t at risk of contracting bacteria. After sanitizing these rocks, make sure each rock doesn’t have any sharp ends to keep your geckos safe.

Do leopard geckos need a heat rock?

Leopard geckos need heat rocks to regulate their temperature properly. However, improper placement of heat rocks could cause significant skin burns to leopard geckos. If you don’t want to use heat lamps instead, place heat rocks at places where your gecko can’t rest on.

What is the best way to build a leopard gecko habitat?

You need to recreate your leopard geckos’ natural habitat as much as possible. Start by including shelters that encourage hideouts for your gecko. Also, include humidifiers and select a substrate that supports humidity but doesn’t encourage dangerous drops in temperature.

Final Thoughts: Best Rocks for Leopard Geckos

The best rocks for leopard geckos come with a wide range of features your reptiles are sure to love. If you need your geckos to get as comfortable as possible in their tank, check out products in this review.

Your geckos need to bask, hide, climb, and do whatever they need to without much hassle. Making the most of your geckos’ experience starts with the right choice. All products reviewed in this post are affordable. So, if you’ve got many leopard geckos to care for, you can make as many choices as you want.

Catering for your geckos with these rocks is less-hassling. You’ll get your geckos in shape and in-tune with their tank just as if it’s a natural habitat.