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can bearded dragons eat plums

Can bearded dragons eat plums? Are they safe or poisonous? Keep reading to learn the science behind beardies and plums!

Considering that an adult bearded dragon needs a decent dose of plants to eat, it would be wise to do the research and see what a bearded dragon can and cannot eat. This is because eating the wrong thing can make a bearded dragon quite sick or, even worse, kill them.

Thus, the question often comes up: can bearded dragons eat plums? Let’s dive into whether these delicious fruits are safe for bearded dragons to consume.

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The Truth About Bearded Dragons and Plums

Plums are a favorite fruit for many people, and some even go as far as to grow it in their gardens. Many people find this healthy fruit delicious and addictive with its classic sour-sweet taste.

They are filled with healthy antioxidants and vitamins. Plums are also great to combat constipation and maintain blood pressure and sugar.

But what happens when you feed them to a bearded dragon? Is it the same response as with a human? Although some people may say that plums are okay for bearded dragons, they are not entirely safe.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Plums?

Plums work the same on bearded dragons as they do on humans. But this is the problem. Their stomachs are very sensitive compared to humans, so they cannot overload on plums. An overdose can cause problems in a bearded dragon’s stomach and digestive system.

Plums have the incorrect proportion of phosphorus and calcium for a bearded dragon. In addition, plums are quite acidic; this is not safe for bearded dragons in large doses.

Why Does Calcium-Phosphorus Ratio matter?

Calcium and phosphorus do have an indirect relationship. This means that if there is a high level of phosphorus, it does mean that the calcium level will be. Foods high in phosphorus and low in calcium can be dangerous for your bearded dragon’s health. This is because it can cause metabolic bone disease. However, you can counter this by giving your bearded dragon calcium to counter the high phosphorus levels.

Bearded dragons do love their sweet treats. A bearded dragon can eat a plum. As you can see in the wild, they spend a lot of time on Plum Trees. However, it means that you have to limit the number of plums that they can eat. It may make for an occasional sweet treat.

But plums are not something you can feed regularly. This is because of the unbalanced ratio of calcium and phosphorus. You do not want to initiate any form of bone disease or affect your bearded dragon’s digestive system.

How to Feed Bearded Dragon's Plums?

Even for a bearded dragon, a green salad bowl can be pretty boring. This is where you can add a few chopped plums to it. This can attract your bearded dragon to its food because of the bright colors. It will then start eating the vegetables alongside enjoying the sweet and sour taste.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Be sure to cut up the plum into bite-size pieces. You can also add its juice into the food bowl.

Here are some other important tips to keep in mind:

What About Prunes?

Prunes are just dried-out plums. However, they do come from different plants. This is not from a plum tree. Therefore prunes and plums do have some slight differences in their nutrition.

Plums are quite rich in minerals and vitamins K and B. However, prunes or dried plums are filled with carbohydrates, calories, and fibers.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Dried Plums?

In reality, it has been shown that bearded dragons prefer plums to dried prunes. They like fresh food and therefore are less likely to eat prunes. However, this choice will depend on your bearded dragon. You may find a bearded dragon who enjoys colorful food. Thus, they will eat either plums or prunes.

You can choose to offer your bearded dragon some dried plums to see if it will eat them. But do not force your bearded dragon to have it. If it does not want it, it won’t eat it.

Is It Safe for Bearded Dragons to Eat Prunes?

Some bearded dragons may find dried plums hard to eat. This is because they may have difficulty chewing the fruit. Many adult bearded dragons have broken or weak teeth, and they certainly cannot nibble on a dried plum. So if you happen to have an adult bearded dragon, it is just best to avoid prunes in general.

So, are Plums Safe for Bearded Dragons?

So in conclusion, the choice remains up to you. You can feed your bearded dragon a plum, but it should be limited to an occasional treat every now and then. They are both sweet and sour and excellent to add to a green salad if you want to encourage your bearded dragon to eat its vegetables.

Plums have many benefits, including minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. However, they have an unbalanced level of calcium and phosphorus which can be harmful if bearded dragons overeat it.

This means caution needs to be practiced. This is not a treat you can dish out all the time, but you should not be too afraid to feed it either.

The same can be said for quite a few foods. It may be wise to draw yourself a list of foods that are perfectly safe for a bearded dragon to eat, as well as foods that should be limited and foods that are entirely forbidden.

You do not want to harm your bearded dragon over ignorance regarding their diet. However, the fact that you are doing research right now proves that you want to take care of your bearded dragon, so good job!

So remember, plums are not entirely forbidden but should only be fed in limited amounts.

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