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can crested geckos eat lettuce

Unlike leopard geckos, crested geckos can have a wide range of fruits and vegetables in their diet. Crested geckos need a precise set of nutrients available in crested gecko diet, veggies, fruits, and herbs. Veggies have many nutrients to offer humans, and one of the most common herbs we all love is lettuce. But, does the same apply to crested geckos? Can crested geckos eat lettuce?

Crested geckos can eat lettuce as it contains vitamin A that may benefit some of these reptiles. Apart from being a source of vitamin A, fresh lettuce offers your crested geckos an immense source of water. However, frozen lettuce may not offer much to your crested geckos. Try to feed your geckos fresh lettuce as it provides a denser nutrient portfolio.

Since it’s clear your geckos can benefit from eating lettuce, you can’t stop now. You’ve got to have a complete set of veggies and proteins in your geckos’ diet if you need it to thrive. That’s why this article presents more info on how to get more nutrients in your geckos’ diet every time.

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Lettuce Varieties

There are at least two-dozen types of lettuce available for human consumption. Generally, all types of lettuce are classified into four varieties namely:

Asparagus lettuce (augustana variety)

The asparagus lettuce has narrow leaves with thick, tender, and edible stems.

Cabbage lettuce (capitata variety)

Capitata lettuce have leaves folded into a tight shape and have light to dark green colors

Curled lettuce (crispa variety)

The curled lettuce features a rosette of curled, smoothly-cut, oak-leaved edges

Cos (Romaine) lettuce (longifolia variety)

Leaves of romaine lettuce form a long, tall, and loose head. Romaine lettuces are often oblong in shape and has two main types – butter-head and crisp-head.

Can Crested Geckos Eat Lettuce Variants?

Several lettuce variants can be ideal for humans, but not all types are healthy for reptiles.  Among the over twenty lettuce variants, you should not feed your geckos iceberg and gem lettuce.

Generally, any lettuce variant with high water content should not be a part of your crested gecko’s diet. Opt to feed your crested geckos lettuces with darker leaves. Lettuces with darker leaves tend to have a higher nutrient composition and lesser water content.

As a rule of thumb, confirm if your crested gecko can eat any variant before feeding it lettuce.

What Alternate Greens are Perfect for Crested Geckos to Eat?


The low-water, high-nutrient composition of dandelion leaves make it a top choice for feeding crested geckos. Several owners of pet geckos feed their pets with these leaves, and others will add the bright yellow flowers too.


Endives are an ideal herb with curly, serrated leaves and are ideal salad greens for humans.  These blanched leaves are a great source of vitamins that could benefit your crested gecko.


The frilled, sometimes blanched leaves of escaroles are ideal for human and animal consumption. You can max out your crested gecko’s diet with the high vitamin content present in escaroles.

Mustard leaves

There are several variants of mustard greens. Each genus possesses cruciferous leaves and offer several vitamins. These leaves could provide the vitamins your crested geckos need to grow strong.


Several owners of crested geckos will feed different variants of turnips to their pets. In some cases, handlers will opt to feed the fleshy, edible roots to mature crested geckos.


With a massive nutrient sheet comprising of calcium, manganese, vitamins A, C, and K, watercress is a favored alternate green. Crested geckos will be able to max out digestive health and get much-needed nutrients to aid growth.

Watercress is easy to cultivate and can be grown in your garden. If you want an endless supply of watercress for your geckos, consider planting some in your back garden.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Greens for Your Crested Geckos

Without correct nutrients in lettuce and other greens, you’ll be wasting your crested gecko’s time. Opt for lettuce with the right nutritional composition to offer your reptiles an immense amount of much-needed vitamins.

It is also important to offer your crested geckos greens that have little water content. Your geckos get water from other food, fruits, and drinks.


What vegetables can crested geckos eat?

Types of vegetables crested geckos can eat

What is toxic to crested geckos?

What can crested geckos eat besides insects?

Apart from insects, crested geckos can eat fruits like banana, apricot, and peach (better as a treat). Crested geckos can also eat vegetables and select herbs as part of their diet.

Can I feed my crested gecko fresh fruit?

Crested geckos can eat soft fruits with high calcium, low phosphorus content. Wild crested geckos get to choose what kind of fresh fruit to consume. However, crested geckos kept as captive pets should be fed fresh fruit as treats rather than a staple food.

Final Thoughts: Can Crested Geckos Eat Lettuce?

Can crested geckos eat lettuce? Yes, and other types of herbs, veggies, and fruits are ideal for crested geckos too.

If you’re keen on complete nutrition for your crested geckos, it’s a smart move to offer your reptiles different foods. The high vitamin content in lettuce along with insect proteins and other nutrients are ideal for your geckos’ development.

However, it’s not a great idea to give your crested geckos one type of diet for too long. Ensure your crested geckos get a diverse diet with all the right nutrients every time.

Leaving out some important foods could put your gecko at risk. Offering your geckos a complete set of nutritious foods secures its health. Choose wisely.