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can crested geckos eat mealworms

Of course! Crested Geckos often find mealworms as a common food source fed by pet owners. However, pet owners need to understand that mealworms should be kept as a sort of snack that should be utilized every other day. Think of mealworms as treats, for example, treats that you could pick up in a retail store to feed your dog or cat shouldn’t be something to give them as a meal to be eaten every day. Our pets would get sick and then need to be taken to the vet for a diagnosis. Every pet reacts a specific way for overeating foods that are not meant to be a part of their daily diet.

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Advantages of Feeding Mealworms to Your Crested Gecko

Mealworms are naturally contained with a high capacity of protein. They have a high level of healthy nutrients that will take in effect to your Crested Gecko. Even if you only feed mealworms to your pet once or twice a week. Only time will tell when you can see the difference.

Benefits in Effect to Your Crested Gecko Consuming Mealworms:

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To avoid any health hazards in the long run, experienced pet owners will often dust off mealworms before feeding them to their Crested Gecko’s. To avoid diseases, or infections such as Salmonella, Bursal disease, or Escherichia coli.

The following will review the specifics on mealworms nutritional value that they provide.

Alternatives to Feed Your Crested Gecko

Crested Gecko’s are omnivores, they can rely on a vast selection of edible resources like us humans. Providing a diversified meal plan will satisfy your pet to a lavish lifestyle compared to their counterparts that live in the wilderness.


The first on my list would be a great food source to use as a snack, fruit. You’ll often have them at your house to avoid going to the pet store. Doesn’t matter, almost any fruit would be suitable for your little gecko. Apples, strawberries, watermelon, blueberries, oranges, watermelon, bananas, papaya, baby food! Don’t worry, these are quite healthy solutions for your Crested Gecko to enjoy. These can be used as snacks or added to common meal plans to keep your pet nice and healthy.


Natural honey, just a drop or two will make your Crested Gecko heart’s delighted with a sweet sugary taste of love. Nutritional value is quite low in this resource for your pet. Honey is to be considered like a sort of junk food that’s good for every once in a while for your pet to enjoy something blissfully.

Variety of Insects

Fun Facts About Crested Gecko’s

Feeding Crested Geckos

The vast majority of reptiles are nocturnal, these guys are part of the majority. When it goes down to feeding the best time to feed these animals is during the evening. Feed younglings on a daily basis and adults 3 to 5 times a week. The feeding size of their meals should roughly be not any bigger than your lizard’s eye length distance.

For worms or other food supplements you should use their body circumference as a point of reference. Allow your Crested Gecko to hunt for its prey. Whether they are young or mature adults, let them work for their food. Doing so will manage a healthy consciousness for these lizards to maintain their hunting instincts.