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do bearded dragons like blankets

Bearded dragons are adorable creatures and have the potential to warm up to anyone they meet. Several owners of bearded dragons always want to know how to keep their pets warm. One of the most common questions from such owners usually is – do bearded dragons like blankets?

Bearded dragons love using blankets, but they don’t get much from wrapping in bedding alone. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures, meaning they cannot generate heat. Covering your bearded dragon with a blanket for too long can actually make it colder rather than warmer. Use blankets for comfort purposes only, as many bearded dragons like to relax under something soft.

Besides showing you why and how bearded dragons like their blankets, more information is in this post. Make the most of what this article provides and get your bearded dragons an excellent dose of comfort hassle-free.

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Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets?

Just like humans, bearded dragons could have preferences for one type of blanket over another. The design, texture, and ease of use are major factors that influence the attachment these reptiles have towards blankets.

Are Blankets Safe for Bearded Dragons?

Bearded dragons are cold-blooded and need external heat to regulate their temperature. Thermo-regulation under a blanket is not possible when a bearded dragon is underneath a blanket without heating.

Wrapping your bearded dragon under a blanket will not generate any heat around it. Even if numerous accounts claim blankets generate heat on their own, it’s not true. For your bearded dragon to enjoy the comfort a blanket provides, you need to place a heat source underneath it.

When Can Bearded Dragons Benefit from Blankets?

1. After a Bath

Bearded dragons don’t bathe for hygiene purposes only, but mainly to retain much moisture as possible. To make sure your bearded dragons remain hydrated, regular, daily dips in water are important.

After the daily dip, you need to use a blanket to clean your dragon’s hide. If you don’t want to soak your bearded dragon, giving it water through a syringe and sprinkling will also work.

2. Boosting Chemoreception

Bearded dragons smell with sensory receptors that react to chemical stimuli. Wild bearded dragons use chemoreception as a means of protection in their natural habitat from predators.

When your scent has become a mainstay in a bearded dragon’s smell receptors, it feels safer and confident with time. Blankets could be an effective way to make bearded dragons feel at home. Wiping your hands with these blankets leaves your scent on them, making it easy to keep these reptiles comfortable.

3. Napping

Most bearded dragons like to hide when it’s time to take a nap. Blankets serve as an excellent source of cover for your bearded dragons whenever it’s nap time. But before putting your bearded dragons under a blanket, you’ve got to read the next section carefully. Reading the next section provides you correct info on how to maximize nap time for your bearded dragon.

4. For Comfort

Bearded dragons need extra comfort, even when they’re not taking a nap.

Dragons have their own preferences when it comes to the feel of blankets. Some beardies may like to rest on your old towels whenever they need to be outside their tank. Generally, bearded dragons prefer resting on materials made from fleece and cotton.

5. With a Heating Source

Your bearded dragon can enjoy their time under a blanket with a heat source like hot water bottles. When the water in these bottles start losing heat, you can switch it easily. You can also use blankets to cover bearded dragons outdoors to help it retain heat from its environment.

Some articles like this one recommend using heat mats and heated pads under a blanket. But in reality, using such heating items could cause a fire. You don’t want to roast your bearded dragon by accident, so avoid using heating sources that could burn it.

What Bedding is Ideal for My Bearded Dragon’s Tank?

Several options are available when you need correct beddings for your bearded dragon’s tank. But not all options will provide the comfort you want your reptiles to have. Check out the best bedding for your bearded dragon’s tank below.

Ceramic tiles

Tiles are easy to maintain, keeping your dragon’s environment extra clean without hassle. Ceramic tiles are also inexpensive and have several heat retention capabilities. On the other hand, tiles could grow cold and may need constant heat sources to keep your bearded dragon warm.


If you need to clean up quickly and don’t want to spend much on bedding, newspapers are great beddings. But if you use a heat lamp or heating mat, the chances of fire increase significantly.

Paper towels

Towels made of loose paper are easy to dispose. Paper towels are also inexpensive and may cost less than other bedding like special carpets, rubber liners, and wood chips.

4 Best Blankets for Your Bearded Dragon

1) YUYUSO Reptile Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Blanket for Bearded Dragon – Best for Sleeping

Bearded dragons need to warm up during a nap, and with this cushion-blanket combo, it can happen without hassle. Check out all this blanket has to offer. Your bearded dragon could be in for a comfortable rest every time.


The sleeping has an innovative design that allows your bearded dragons take a comfy rest when it’s nap time. Also, it provides a soothing platform to give your bearded dragons a smooth surface to rest on.

The blanket on this sleeping bag provides your bearded dragon the cover it needs during extra-cold seasons. Besides having a comfortable blanket, this sleeping bag features a quilted mattress that allows room for tail stretching.

A Velcro fitting underneath this pillow makes it easy to adjust to your bearded dragon’s liking. The quality cotton fabric of this sleeping bag makes maintenance and reuse less hassling.




Do bearded dragons like blankets for naps in your tank and outdoors? Make this sleeping bag your top choice and max out comfort for your beardy pals.

2) Vedem Bed Warm Sleep Mat Cozy Pad for Small Animals – Best Warmth Aid Blanket

Owners of pet reptiles that need to guarantee the comfort of their bearded dragons should check this blanket out. It has the potential to be the item that provides extra relaxation your reptiles need.


The blanket comes with a two-sided design, making it easy for your bearded dragons to relax. One side comes with a fuzzy surface made of fleece and the other is a plush, soft material. With this combination, your bearded dragon can get significant comfort without hassle.

Bearded dragons could need to sleep underneath a warm blanket whenever they have to. The dimensions on this blanket make it easy for your dragons to have an undisturbed rest. Two sizes of this blanket are available, making it easy to get a choice that best suits your bearded dragon.

Besides all these exciting features, the machine-washable potential of this blanket makes it easy to maintain.




The double-sided nature, exciting features, and easy maintenance potential of this pad makes it an excellent choice for bearded dragons. Try it out for what it’s got. Your bearded dragon could be in for an unrivaled rest every time.

3) YUYUSO Extra Large Reptile Hide with Soft Pad 15 Inch – Best for Outdoor and Indoor Relaxation

Do bearded dragons like blankets so much they can’t do without it even outdoors? Check out what this comfortable cushion has to offer your reptiles for an unrivaled rest every time.


With the massive hide space this pad offers, it’s an excellent option to take your bearded dragon outdoors. Also, it comes with a smooth, sleek sheet that guarantees an unrivaled nap for your reptile. The covering sheet is easy to maintain and you can get several uses off this pad.

Some bearded dragons need a soothing touch from their blanket. Since this sheet is full polyester fiber, it becomes easier to guarantee maximum comfort for your bearded dragon.




Besides lacking a full-on blanket, this pad provides extra comfort your bearded dragon needs to thrive. Make the most of what this cushion offers, and get total rest for your dragons hassle-free!

4) Comsmart Warm Paw Print Blanket – Best Tuck-In Blanket

With thousands of satisfied pet owners recommending this blanket, it could be an excellent choice for your bearded dragon. Check out what it has to offer and ensure your reptile gets total comfort.


The four-seasons blanket goes a long way in retaining heat from the environment to your bearded dragon. Besides being an ideal option for trapping heat in, it’s ideal for several other reptile needs. You can use this sheet as a mat pad, picnic blanket, bath towel, and much more.

With two-sided fleece as its main material, it becomes easy to guarantee extra comfort to your reptile. And since you’ll get this blanket in six-pack at an affordable price, more value for money is a sure thing.




Since this blanket can work in several ways, it’s a great pick to max out comfort for your bearded dragon. Its massive dimension, easy maintenance potential, and other interesting features make it a top choice.


Do bearded dragons like being under blankets?

Bearded dragons like being under warm blankets as it makes snuggling to a comfy sleep easier. But blankets alone cannot generate the kind of warmth your bearded dragons need to thrive. So, if you plan to put your beardy pets under a blanket, make provisions for an ideal heat source.

Do beardies like fuzzy blankets?

Bearded dragons like fuzzy blankets with rounded edges and a potential to retain warmth. These blankets complement the sharp, prickly hide of bearded dragons, making it easier for these reptiles to feel comfortable.

Can I put a blanket over my bearded dragons cage?

Putting a blanket over your bearded dragons’ cage could become necessary when the weather is too cold. Also, covering your bearded dragons cage with a blanket along with heat lamps helps foster better warmth in cold seasons.

What is the best bedding for a bearded dragon?

Special carpets for bearded dragons are ideal for flooring your reptile’s tank. If you can’t afford reptile carpets and need a reusable choice, newspapers and paper towels are ideal options. Other bedding like alfalfa pellets, wood chips, and ceramic tiles are ideal for your dragon’s tank.

Final Thoughts: Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets?

Do bearded dragons like blankets? Yes, they do.

But since bearded dragons are cold-blooded, it won’t be wise to keep these reptiles in blankets without heating. Bearded dragons cannot generate any heat on their own. But with an added heat source under the blanket, you can max out their relaxation hassle-free.

Quality blankets can also prove useful after bathing your dragon and helps boost chemoreception. If you’re keen on selecting great blankets for your bearded dragon, make the most of options recommended above.

Remember, if your bearded dragon has to nap under a blanket, provide a heating source to ease temperature regulation. You don’t want to have a sick or frozen bearded dragon on your hands.