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do leopard geckos drink water

Leopard geckos are native to arid regions with little or no water supply. But just like other animals, leopard geckos need liquids to remain healthy and to grow properly. Most new owners of leopard geckos will ask – do leopard geckos drink water?

Leopard geckos drink water and require fresh liquids at intervals to remain healthy. Geckos require water to aid digestion, excretion, and other purposes. However, leopard geckos do not need much water to survive. In some cases, leopard geckos may not require a drink as they could get it from their food.

If you need more info to help feed your leopard gecko water, this article is the perfect fit. Here, you’ll get all the details needed to provide your leopard gecko the refreshment it needs.

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Ways to Offer Water to Leopard Geckos

In a bowl

Most pets need to have a drink from bowls, and leopard geckos could get a much-needed drink from dishes too.

Put water in a shallow bowl and place it in your leopard geckos tank, close to a warm part of the enclosure. Sometimes, leopard geckos could opt for dips in the water you provide. Not to worry, as it’s trying to regulate its temperature.

Through misting

Misting your leopard geckos’ tank helps, as your reptiles get much-needed moisture from small water droplets. Spray your leopard gecko’s tank with water to maintain ideal humidity and improve chances of your pet absorbing moisture.

Why is My Leopard Gecko Refusing to Drink?

Your leopard gecko could refuse to drink water for the following reasons:

It's already hydrated

Moisture in a leopard geckos’ tank is enough to provide your reptile water supply for several days. When you mist your leopard gecko’s tank as recommended, it sips water from the humid environment.

Alternative water sources

Feeder insects like crickets, superworms, waxworms, etc. have high water content. Some of these insects have more than 50% as their entire composition. When leopard geckos feast on bugs, they retain the liquids these feeder insects possess. So, if your leopard gecko refuses to drink water after a meal, maybe it’s gotten enough moisture from insects.

Should You Offer Your Leopard Gecko Water When Its Refusing to Drink?

Forcing your leopard geckos to drink water may not be a great idea. The reason is simple – it may experience health issues and probably die from such force. Consider using other ways to give your leopard gecko a drink.

You could make use of lukewarm water mixed with electrolytes diluted in an eyedropper. With this dropper, you can drop the liquid into your gecko’s mouth. If your gecko refuses to take any liquid, then it’s time to see the vet.

What to Consider before Offering Leopard Geckos Water

Here’s what to consider before offering your geckos a drink:


Before offering your geckos water, make sure it’s not chlorinated. Water with high chlorine content could cause significant health problems for geckos that may lead to their death.

Clean supply

When it comes to clean supply of water, three factors need a very close look:

The bowl

A clean bowl is important to give your leopard gecko a healthy drink every time. You need to clean your gecko’s bowl before offering it water. Don’t use harsh soaps to wash the small dish as it could have adverse health effects on your gecko.

The water source

Besides chlorine being bad for leopard geckos, other chemicals harmful to geckos could be present in tap water. Ensure you give your leopard geckos pure water to secure them from any health issue.

Frequent water supply

Changing your leopard geckos’ water supply frequently is important. Clean water keeps your leopard geckos hydrated, provided with adequate moisture, and healthy.

Choking/drowning prevention

Some ‘experts’ could advise you to put insects in your geckos’ drinking water. But if you love your reptile and don’t want it to choke till death, don’t do it. Also, place a clean rock in your geckos’ drinking dish if you don’t want it to get in.

If you’re using a dish with a diameter wider than half an inch, you need to protect your geckos from drowning. Make sure you use a shallow dish your geckos cannot submerge in. Geckos only need little drops of water per drink, so small dishes are enough.


How often do leopard geckos drink water?

Leopard geckos could need water every 2 – 3 days when they cannot get sips from water droplets. Geckos that take sips from misting may not need a drink for much longer.

How do I get my leopard gecko to drink water?

Ways to get your leopard gecko to drink water

Why won't my leopard geckos drink water?

Leopard geckos could get water from their hide or through insects, making a bowl of water sometimes unnecessary. In most cases, your leopard gecko may only like to take dips in its water bowl rather than drink from it.

Should I spray my leopard gecko with water?

Spraying your leopard gecko with water, also called misting, is a proven way to keep it hydrated. Easier shedding and drinking ease are other benefits of spraying your leopard gecko with water. But owners need to be careful as spraying leopard geckos with cold water could affect their health.

Final Thoughts: Do Leopard Geckos Drink Water?

Do leopard geckos drink water? Yes, but not as much as you may expect.

Leopard geckos need water to survive and get a drink from more than one source. Leopard geckos could get water from insects, mist in its tank and other ways. Geckos need water for more than hydration as moisture helps these reptiles shed their hide with ease.

Provide your leopard geckos the right amount of water it needs. Water is essential to leopard geckos’ health, so give them correct support whenever they need moisture.