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do leopard geckos pee

Leopard geckos absorb water from their food, a humid environment, and take occasional drinks. Naturally, any living organism that consumes liquids must let it out somehow. Many new owners of pet reptiles have never seen their leopard gecko pee. So, it’s common to hear questions like – do leopard geckos pee?

Leopard geckos pee, but do not pass out urine the way humans and many animals do. Geckos pass out their urine in a salt-like form called urates. Geckos usually pass out urates when they need to poop, and could excrete urates alone too. Urates are high in uric acid and are usually white in color.

Now that it’s clear leopard geckos need to pee, you need access to more info. Knowing if your pet pees is one thing, but understanding what these urates could mean is another thing entirely.

That’s why this post goes the distance to provide you excellent information on your leopard geckos’ pee. You’ll know how to care for your geckos better when you’re through with this post.

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What Does Leopard Gecko Pee Look Like?

Healthy leopard gecko pee (white urates) and poop

Leopard gecko pee looks whitish in color and has a powdery texture. The dry and powdery texture of leopard gecko pee makes it easy for these reptiles to dispose along with poop.

Besides being high in uric acid, urates from leopard geckos contain a host of waste formed into salts. In some rare cases, leopard geckos will pass out a little fluid along with the feces and urates. These fluids help geckos pass out waste with minimal stress.

Why Do Leopard Geckos Excrete Urates?

Geckos excrete urates for two main reasons. Here’s a look at both of them:

Water savings

Leopard geckos are native to arid regions in Afghanistan, Iran, India, and other countries. These geckos live in very hot areas where water could be a prized commodity. Leopard geckos’ focus on saving water to navigate hot regions for long periods, and their water-saving pee helps a lot.

Since they excrete their pee in a salt-like form, they can go on for several weeks without water

Elimination of acids

Harmful uric acid passed out in salt form keeps your leopard gecko healthy. Passing out these acids in liquid form could get their natural habitat all smelly and messy. But in salt form, it’s easy to maintain (for domestic geckos) or leave behind (for wild geckos).

What to Consider Before Cleaning Leopard Gecko Pee


It is best you clean pee and poop from leopard geckos about 20 – 30 minutes after. Waiting for some minutes makes the pee and poop get solid enough to aid a smooth cleaning process. No one wants to deal with runny, messy poop from a leopard gecko.

Your leopard gecko will avoid where the poop is, so you don’t have to worry about anything. In most cases, leopard geckos tend to choose a specific spot to let their poop out, making your cleaning easier.


If you use paper towels as a substrate, then you won’t need to do much work. With a paper towel substrate, you can easily fold the area where your leopard gecko pooped on and discard it.

Replacing areas where your leopard geckos’ poop will be very easy since they like to use one spot.

However, if you’re using tile, laminate, or another solid substrate, you’ll want to use a cleaner to keep your cage free of bacteria.

I personally use a product called No Scent Reptile Cleaner which does an amazing job at eliminating bacteria and keeping your cage nice and fresh. It is eco-friendly, free of chemicals, and 100% safe for your reptile. 

Even if you use paper towel or a loose substrate for your leopard gecko, it’s still a good idea to deep clean your enclosure every couple weeks.

Do Leopard Geckos Pee Without Feces?

Leopard geckos can pee without feces following it, but on rare occasions. Geckos have an excretory system that supports the passing out of pee and feces at the same time. But if a gecko has too much urates to give out, it may pass out these salts alone.

Does Leopard Gecko Pee Stink?

Leopard geckos pee doesn’t give off any noticeable stink at first. But when the pee from leopard geckos remain in an environment for too long, an offensive odor could be common. Owners have to ensure proper environmental hygiene for their prized reptiles by ensuring feces and pee are removed quickly.

My Leopard Gecko Poops Out Yellow Urates, What Does It Mean?

If you find yellow urates in your leopard geckos’ poop, it could mean any of the following:

What to Do If Your Leopard Gecko Poops Out Yellow Urates

When you notice your leopard gecko poop yellow urates, do the following:

If you adopt these steps and still notice yellowish urates from your leopard gecko, consult a vet.


Why did my leopard gecko pee on me?

Geckos don’t secrete liquid pee, except if they’re frightened. The pee of leopard geckos is usually in a salt-like form, called urates. Geckos will only pee liquid when they are scared of being man-handled.

Can leopard geckos fart?

Leopard geckos can fart and usually break wind after a massive gas buildup in their stomach. Geckos release gases built in their stomach when they swallow food or chew. Farts from leopard geckos could be very smelly and commonly happen when your reptiles are defecating.

Do leopard geckos poop on you?

Most leopard geckos won’t poop on you unless they want to return to their tank. Just like a defense mechanism, leopard geckos will defecate or break wind on their owners to return to comfort.

What is the white stuff in leopard gecko poop?

The white stuff that comes out with leopard gecko poop is actually its pee in solid form. A healthy leopard gecko will only excrete white urates along with its poop. If the urates changes color or doesn’t come out, your gecko could be sick or need rehydration.

Final Thoughts: Do Leopard Geckos Pee?

Do leopard geckos pee? Yes, but in solid form.

Many leopard geckos will find it tricky to release urates when on a poor diet, during breeding, or when ill. Pet owners need to assure the best level of hydration for their pets at all times. Keep your pet geckos nourished and hydrated. And from how their pee and poop looks, you can get the scoop required to boost your pet geckos’ health.

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