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how fast can a leopard gecko run

Leopard geckos are beautiful reptiles and have been captive pets for more than three decades in the US. These pets have many fantastic features and are very easy to care for. However, new owners of leopard geckos always want to know everything about their prized pets. And one of the most common questions some owners ask is – how fast can a leopard gecko run?

Leopard geckos run fast and can cover up to three feet per second if unimpeded. These reptiles can maintain speeds between four to ten kilometers per hour. Apart from being quite quick with their limbs, these reptiles have other interesting speed characteristics.

Knowing that your gecko can sprint is fascinating, but that’s not the only thing that makes your pet reptile special. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the fascinating features of leopard geckos. After reading, you’ll appreciate the mind-blowing features of your pet reptile.

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Why Do Leopard Geckos Run?

After detecting a threat

Even if you’re not a predator, leopard geckos will surely run away if they feel threatened around you. Leopard geckos need time to bond with their owners. Trying to hold your geckos from the start could make it feel threatened. It’s better to gain your gecko’s trust before attempting to handle it.

To escape predators

Wild leopard geckos have to deal with a constant threat of predators. Apart from their keen sense of smell and sight, leopard geckos make a run for it when there’s danger.


If a leopard gecko is hungry, it’s more likely that it’ll search for food with more vigor. These reptiles will settle for sprints towards insects whenever they’ve got to eat.

How Fast Can a Leopard Gecko Run?

Leopard geckos are not the fastest reptiles but can clock speeds within 5 – 10kph. Even if these geckos are not that fast, their small size makes them particularly difficult to grab. If your leopard gecko takes to sprinting in its tank, it’s best to let it be. Wrongly handling your gecko could make it bite you or run away from its terrarium if it gets the chance.

If Your Gecko Runs When Its Scared, What Can You Do?

Learn to handle your leopard gecko properly

Poor handling is the main reason why your gecko may take to skedaddling. Most geckos will run away from their owners due to fear of being manhandled or other perceived threat.

It is important to handle your gecko right from the get-go. If there is any delay in proper handling, your gecko may make a run for it at the slightest opportunity.

Here’s how to handle your leopard gecko the right way:

With these simple steps, it becomes easy to handle your leopard gecko and prevent any scampering in its tank.

Pay more attention to your gecko’s needs

Caring for your leopard gecko is a sure way to improve its attachment to you. Leopard geckos that aren’t familiar with their environment or owners will surely run at the slightest opportunity.

Provide your gecko a comfortable habitat, great meals, and the right temperature. Over time, it will surely cozy up to you and seek your attention.

Never grab your gecko from above

Grabbing your leopard gecko from above could spook it beyond measure, causing it to run away from you. Most leopard geckos that are lucky survivors of a predator attack may never trust you after such an event.

Apart from running away from you, some leopard geckos could resort to biting if they’re grabbed from above. Learn to use correct handling methods to avoid scaring your leopard gecko.

Can Leopard Geckos Run on Water?

Leopard geckos have an innate ability to sprint across small bodies of water. Even if these reptiles aren’t great swimmers, leopard geckos can cover three feet every second across water. At such speeds, leopard geckos can run faster over water than swimming ducks.


How fast can a gecko move?

Leopard geckos can move with varying speeds based on their immediate situation and environment. Some geckos can move at speeds just under three feet in one second.

How fast can a leopard gecko go?

Leopard geckos can go over one meter in each second and defy conventional requirements necessary to attain such speeds. Leopard geckos can run fast enough to move over small bodies of water without sinking.

How fast do geckos run on land?

Apart from striding across water, geckos can cover up to three feet per second on land. Geckos can easily transition to cover large land masses when on the run from prey or in search of food.

Do geckos like to be touched?

Geckos like to be touched only when they get used to you. When leopard geckos are familiar with their surroundings, they tend to become more social than other reptiles. However, it is important to know if your leopard gecko is stressed out before handling it. Handling a stressed-out gecko may have adverse effects on its overall health.

Final Thoughts: How Fast Can a Leopard Gecko Run?

How fast can a leopard gecko run? Well, not as fast as some may think. Geckos can cover a few feet in one second, but don’t possess super-speed abilities of some other reptiles. However, leopard geckos could make an impressive dash to crevices when they are in danger.

Do you plan to handle your leopard gecko when it’s new to your environment? Its decent speed rating may make it difficult for you to grasp.

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