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how to bathe a bearded dragon

Learning how to bathe a bearded dragon is an essential duty that all beardie owners should know.

Not only does giving your bearded dragon a bath assist in the shedding process, it also can help with constipation issues, cleanliness, and impaction.

Moreover, many bearded dragons love a good bath – and it can be quite fun giving them one!

So, today we’re going to be discussing everything you need to know when it comes to giving a bearded dragon bath such as how often you should bathe your bearded dragon, the proper bearded dragon bath temperature, soaking a bearded dragon, and more!

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What You Will Need?

In order to give the best possible bearded dragon bath, you will need to gather the following materials:

How to Give a Bearded Dragon a Bath?

Bearded dragon enjoying his bath!

Now that you have the right materials, it’s time to give your bearded dragon the best bath of his/her life!

By the way, pure organic aloe vera is optional, but recommended. It helps soothe your bearded dragons skin and is especially useful when your beardie is shedding!

Furthermore, you don’t need a thermometer. However, it is nice to have since you’ll be able to check the exact temperature of your water!

Also, just a forewarning, don’t be shocked if your bearded dragon poops while it’s getting a bath – this is totally normal! Simply remove the poop and keep going!

Fill Up the Tub

The first thing you’re going do is full up your tub with lukewarm water. Make sure it’s not too hot, otherwise it could burn your bearded dragon. However, make sure it isn’t too cold because bearded dragons are from the desert and other hot climates – they’re not a big fan of coldness!

Remember, it’s important to not to fill up the water too high, otherwise your bearded dragon could drown! Keep the waterline at around your beardies shoulders. They should be able to stand in the bath with no issues.

Check the Temperature

If you have a thermostat available, you can check the temperature of the bath water. You’re aiming for somewhere between 85 and 95-degrees Fahrenheit (30 to 35 degrees Celsius). This is the perfect bearded dragon bath temp to ensure your beardie is comfy!

However, if you don’t have a thermostat, it’s not a big deal. Simply dip your hand in the water and make sure it is lukewarm. If it’s too hot or too cold, drain some of the water and adjust the temperature accordingly.

Soaking Your Bearded Dragon

Soaking my bearded dragon in tub of shallow water

Once the water is turned off and it is nice and warm, it’s time to soak your bearded dragon. Simply pick them up and set them in the water. If the water is too high, simply take them out and drain a little bit of it.

It’s also important to keep an eye on your beardie at all times. Bearded dragons have been known to drown, so it’s crucial that you stay in the room with your beardie and watch them closely. If they begin to struggle, it may be a sign that you overfilled the bath. If this is the case, take them out and drain some of the water.

Once they’re comfortable, you can also pour some of the water over your bearded dragons’ back. Your bearded dragon will likely enjoy this and it will also ensure that their back is also cleaned and moisturized. However, do not pour any water on their head or in their eyes.

Additionally, don’t be surprised if your bearded dragon drinks the water. Your bearded dragon will probably be thirsty as soon as it enters the bath.

Allow your bearded dragon to continue soaking in the water for a couple of minutes before moving on to the next step!

Adding Aloe Vera

Again, this step is optional, but it’s great if you want to moisturize your bearded dragons skin and help with the shedding process. However, if you have a silkback bearded dragon (aka a bearded dragon with no scales), this step is necessary due to their dry skin and shedding problems!

Firstly, do not use any aloe vera you can find. You have to make sure it is both pure and organic. You don’t want to chance burning your bearded dragon if it the aloe vera has any chemicals or additives. You should be able to find pure organic aloe vera at your local organic grocery store.

However, if you’re lazy like myself, you can buy this type from Amazon. It’s what we use and it works great:

Now, add around 1 teaspoon of aloe vera to the bath water. Move the water around with your hand to ensure the aloe vera is mixed into the bath water properly.

The reason you don’t want to add the aloe vera immediately after soaking your bearded dragon is because your bearded dragon will more than likely drink the water at first because they will be thirsty. However, after a couple of minutes, they will probably stop drinking. Basically, you don’t want your beardie to drink the water once it has aloe vera in it. However, if it does drink some, don’t freak out – a small amount will not hurt your beardie!

Dry Your Bearded Dragon

Once your bearded dragon has been in the bath for 15 minutes or so, it’s time to take them out.

Gently pat them down with a towel or wash cloth. If you’re using loose substrate, this is especially important, so they don’t get their substrate stuck to their feet when you place them back in their enclosure.

Once they’re back in their enclosure, make sure their basking light/heat pad is turned back on so they can quickly warm back up!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now that you know how to bathe a bearded dragon, let’s go over some of the most common questions that people have.

How Often Should I Bathe My Bearded Dragon?

You should bathe your bearded dragon once per week, if possible. However, some bearded dragon owners bathe their bearded dragons once per day. It really depends on you and your schedule.

You can bathe your beardie as often as you like but aim for at least once per week.

Should You Bathe a Baby Bearded Dragon?

Absolutely! Baby bearded dragons shed more often than adult bearded dragons. Therefore, it is recommended that you bathe your baby bearded dragon as often as possible!

Furthermore, baby bearded dragons are more likely to suffer from impaction and digestion issues. The warm bath water will help them poop and keep them hydrated!

What is the Best Bearded Dragon Bath Temp?

The recommended temperature for a bearded dragon bath is between 85 and 95-degrees Fahrenheit (or 30 to 35-degrees Celsius). The perfect bearded dragon bath temp is about 90-degrees!


Bathing your bearded dragon doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. There’s many benefits to bathing your beardie. Some of these benefits include reducing the risk of illness, keeping them hydrated, and helping them shed.

So, hopefully you can make the time to soak your bearded dragon every so often. We hope this article helped you understand how to bathe a bearded dragon. As always – Happy Herping!