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10 Best Bearded Dragon Breeders

Finding the best bearded dragon breeders online can be a tedious task. Plus, you’ve probably went to your local pet store and realized the selection wasn’t exactly superb.

However, fear no more! Today we have compiled a list of the best bearded dragon breeders on the internet.

We’ve researched hundreds of bearded dragon breeders and have compiled our top picks based on various categories including color morphs, a history of producing healthy bearded dragons, price, and reputation/reliability.

So, let’s get right into it. Here are the best bearded dragon breeders online!

Table of Contents

1. CB Reptiles


CB Reptiles has been the most popular online reptile breeder in the world – and for good reason. They offer a massive selection of bearded dragons morphs including zero bearded dragons, red bearded dragons, inferno bearded dragons, silkback bearded dragons, citrus bearded dragons, and many more! Basically, they breed every morph and color variation you can imagine!

Additionally, CB Reptiles has a reliable breeding facility that is family-operated with a biologist on-site. Therefore, you can be sure you’re getting a bearded dragon that is both beautiful and healthy! In fact, they provide a full 7-day health guarantee in case anything happens! Based on the stellar reviews of CB Reptiles, we’re highly confident in their ability to provide quality bearded dragons.

Furthermore, CB Reptiles ships their reptiles year-round and provide fast, 1-day shipping along with a heat pack or cool pack, depending on the weather.

Finally, CB Reptiles offers bearded dragons of all ages. They have baby bearded dragons all the way up to mid-size adults. No matter what morph, age, or color you’re looking for – they’ve probably got it.

Their amazing reputation, combined with their amazing selection of morphs, amazing customer support, and 7-day health guarantee puts this reptile breeder at the top of our list!

2. XYZ Reptiles


Another excellent bearded dragon breeder, XYZ Reptiles has a long-history of breeding healthy reptiles in their superb breeding facility. If you’re worried about buying online – worry no more; these guys are experts when it comes to producing and shipping healthy reptiles.

Additionally, XYZ Reptiles is very open about the care they provide their bearded dragons. They all have proper enclosures with UVB lighting and the right temperatures. Furthermore, all their bearded dragons are fed multiple times a day and handled regularly to ensure you have a docile beardie. Nobody wants to open their shipment box only to find an aggressive beardie!

In terms of morph, XYZ Reptiles is a little lacking – at least right now. Of course, this is bound to change over time as they produce different clutches. Currently, it looks like they have a citrus bearded dragon, a red bearded dragon, and a normal morph bearded dragon. Furthermore, they only offer baby bearded dragons rather than adults and middle aged ones.

Although they may have a small collection to choose from, their baby bearded dragons are priced extremely well, healthy, and docile. If you end up deciding to buy a bearded dragon from XYZ reptiles, you can be sure you’re getting an amazing pet from a breeder that has years of experience!

Fun Fact: Did you know there’s a black bearded dragon morph? These bearded dragons, otherwise known as melanistic bearded dragons, are solid black and super rare. If you want to see pictures of them, or discover some of the top breeders that sell this morph, be sure to take a look at our Black Bearded Dragon Morph guide!

3. Reptile Rapture


Next on our list is Reptile Rapture. Reptile Rapture is an amazing bearded dragon breeder that also owns their own in-person pet store! If you live in or near Wisconsin, it is definitely worth checking out – they have an amazing selection of exotic reptiles!

Reptile Rapture is a small, family-owned business operated by Richard and Cheryl Allen in Monona, Wisconsin. Going through their website, you can see images of them and their daughters working in the shop. You can clearly see the passion and love they have for all their animals!

The coolest part of Reptile Rapture is the fact that they rescue animals! Basically, they take in reptiles that people can no longer keep as pets and rehabilitate them (if needed) and then resell them to good homes. This is such an amazing thing they’re doing and we 100% support them.

Although they don’t have a huge supply of bearded dragons for sale, they do have a small selection that’s worth taking a look at. They price their bearded dragons reasonably well and it’s awesome to be able to rescue a bearded dragon!

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the bearded dragons for sale on Reptile Rapture may suffer from health issues due to neglect from their previous homes. However, this is something I’m sure they will disclose prior to your purchase. So, if you’re interested in buying a bearded dragon from Reptile Rescue, it may be worth getting on the phone and calling them for more information on the one you’re interested in!

4. LLL Reptiles

LLL Reptiles is another extremely popular bearded dragon breeder on the web. Also, like Reptile Rapture, LLL Reptiles has various in-person pet stores across the states. They have multiple locations in California, as well as locations in Arizona and Colorado.

Although they are incredibly popular, LLL Reptiles has a somewhat limited section of bearded dragons for sale. Currently, they only have medium blue bar bearded dragons and normal bearded dragons. However, their website states to check regularly for different color morphs as they update their website every single day – which is great news.

Additionally, LLL Reptiles offers a health guarantee which basically guarantees your reptile will arrive well, healthy, and to your satisfaction. It also includes a 3-day guarantee after arrival. This is definitely a nice little perk considering anything can happen during the shipping process.

So, if you’re looking for a reptile that comes from a dependable breeder with a large breeding facility and a history of producing high quality reptiles for a decent price, LLL Reptiles may be breeder you’re looking for!

5. Morph Market


Next on our list is Morph Market. If you’re looking for some of the best morphs on the web, you’ve found your bearded dragon breeder!

Morph market has some of the best morphs you’ll ever see, and they have a huge selection of bearded dragons to choose from! They have everything from citrus tiger, purple/blue, tangerine, zero, phantom leatherback, hybrid, paradox, red, hypo, and so many more!

Of course, because Morph Market places special focus on producing quality bearded dragon morphs, their prices are a bit higher. Expect to pay somewhere between the $300-$900 price range. However, they have some baby bearded dragons as cheap as $75.

Another cool perk to Morph Market is the fact that they sell bearded dragons of all different ages. They sell a lot of baby dragons, but they sell just as many, or maybe more, adults.

Therefore, if you’re looking for into many different color morphs and a massive selection of bearded dragons, Morph Market is probably your online breeder!

6. Carolina Classic Dragons


This is our first bearded dragon breeder that solely focuses on bearded dragons and no other reptiles.

Carolina Classic Dragons is an incredible breeder that provides some of the best bearded dragon care out there. Although they don’t have a huge selection – you can be sure you’re getting a quality pet that will live for many years.

They offer a variety of different morphs including rainbow, hypo, orange, citrus, tiger, and leatherback. Take one look at their website and you’ll be amazed at all the different animals they have available.

Of course, per standard, they offer overnight shipping and if you’re not satisfied, they will consider returning or exchanging your bearded dragon if you contact them within 12 hours.

Carolina Classic Dragons is a reputable company that has served the reptile community for many years. They have an amazing breeding facility which you can see pictures of on their website. If you’re interested in one of their animals, shoot them an email. They also have a variety of different bearded dragon care information on their website.

7. Cliffhanger Reptiles


So, another reptile breeder that solely focuses on bearded dragons!

When conducting our research, Cliffhanger Reptiles was an amazing find we are super excited to share with you.

They are a small, family-owned-and-operated bearded dragon breeder located in the United States. They provide a variety of different lizards in many different morphs.

Some of these morphs include citrus, orange creamsicle, alaskan frost, lemon, lush jungle, and more. It seems like they are producing their own, in-house bearded dragon morphs which is super cool.

Their bearded dragons are priced pretty well and they have plenty of incredible pictures to support their website. Speaking of pictures, you can definitely tell they take great care of their animals and have a true passion for the hobby!

8. Fire and Ice Dragons

Man, I just love the name of this bearded dragon breeder!

Fire and Ice Dragons have been around for a long time and it’s obvious why. Although they have a small selection, the morphs and colors seen on their bearded dragons are absolutely jaw-dropping!

These bearded dragon breeders clearly care about the care of their animals. They all look nice and healthy and based on reviews found online, they produce great lizards that will live for many years!

The coolest bearded dragon morph they have on their website is called “fire” morphs. This type of bearded dragon is bright red – almost the color of fire! They also seem to focus on the citrus bearded dragon morph as this seems to be the most popular bearded dragon they breed, along with the “ice” morphs. The ice morphs include zero, hypo, snow, ice, and wero. These bearded dragons are basically all white.

Fire and Ice Dragons provides a 24-hour return guarantee in case you are unhappy with your bearded dragon for any reason. However, based on the pictures on their website, we can’t imagine a reason why you’d be unhappy!

9. Spice Dragons


Spice Dragons is also one of the top bearded dragon breeders in the country!

If you’re looking for a bearded dragon that looks like it was hand-formed by humans, you’re looking at the right breeder!

Spice Dragons has a focus on providing a variety of morphs that are top in their class. They have morphs including citrus, dunner, leatherback, translucent, hypo, red, and much more. We have to admit – these are some of the best bearded dragons we’ve ever seen!

If you’re interested in buying an animal with amazing colors, you definitely won’t be disappointed if your purchase from this reputable breeder!

This business clearly know what they’re going when it comes to breeding and their care seems to be in-line with their breeding. They have a really long bearded dragon care guide on their page that has so much great information on buying and taking care of your first bearded dragon!

We have no doubt these guys are reputable bearded dragon breeders and you’ll end up with an amazing pet if you decide to buy a beardie from this business!

10. HereBDragons


What an amazing find these breeders were!

HereBDragons really stands out because of all the incredible information you’ll find on their site. They have a long list of everything from care guides, mutation guides, and buyers guides. They’re all well worth the read!

They also have plenty of bearded dragons for sale and seem like they’re producing more and more on a daily basis! Plus, if you’re looking for a bearded dragon with a bit of age to it; don’t fret, they have plenty of older and middle aged bearded dragons also.

Furthermore, they even describe each color morph and how they are bred for each animal. This is very important in case you ever want to breed your bearded dragon as well!

HereBDragons has a page dedicated to previous customer reviews and they seem to be stellar! Most people claimed their beardie was delivered happy and healthy!

Additionally, HereBDragons has a large selection to choose from! They have produced some incredible colors based on the photos on their page. Some of the morphs they have to offer include translucent, citrus, orange, and even paradox line. Clearly, they’ve put a good amount of time into producing these great beardies.

Where to Buy a Bearded Dragon Near Me?

When it comes to searching for a bearded dragon for sale – you have numerous options at hand.

Of course, you can find plenty of bearded dragon breeders online or you can find one locally. Many people, simply due to convenience, settle for purchasing a bearded dragon near them rather than online.

However, whether you buy a bearded dragon locally or online, many people don’t know where to look. Therefore, we’re going to be going over where to find a bearded dragon near you.

Buying Bearded Dragons at PetSmart

Reptile section at PetSmart

To be 100% transparent – PetSmart is the last place you want to buy a bearded dragon from.

Unbeknownst to most people, PetSmart has an extremely unethical way of treating their reptiles. Sadly, they prioritize sales and high profits over the health of their animals.

According to a PETA investigation, PetSmart purchases their reptiles from “reptile mills”. Simply put, reptile mills are factories that produce thousands of reptiles to sell to wholesalers like PetSmart.

Furthermore, according to their investigation, they found that reptiles are kept in small shelves and starved of food and water for weeks at a time. They live in disgusting living conditions and oftentimes die as a result.

Worst of all, they intentionally kill the reptiles that aren’t good enough to sell by gassing them or freezing them to death.

In addition, they ship their reptiles in bottles, egg containers, and other unsafe ways of transport. Oftentimes, they arrive dead.

All in all, when it comes to buying a bearded dragon from PetSmart – just don’t. They have a history of abusing their reptiles and provide unethical and improper living conditions.

Buying Bearded Dragons at Petco

If you didn’t already guess, Petco isn’t much better than PetSmart when it comes to their ethics. Once again, money is prioritized over the health of their reptiles.

Fortunately, there’s no proof that Petco purchases their bearded dragons from the same reptile mills that PetSmart does. Although, there is some speculation.

However, Petco has been known to purchase reptiles from local breeders on occasion. This provides some optimism when it comes to the health of their bearded dragons.

Improper Living Conditions

Unfortunately, Petco still provides the same poor living conditions within their stores. If you’ve ever been to one of their stores, you’ve probably noticed their bearded dragons are in small enclosures and typically have five or more in one enclosure.

Needless to say, bearded dragons should never be housed together like this and they should be in a much larger enclosure. Otherwise, they will fight for resources (food, lighting, hides, etc.) and they can easily become stressed out.

Other Places to Find a Bearded Dragon for Sale Near Me?


Bearded Dragons for Sale in My City

Craigslist is probably one of the best places to find a bearded dragon near you.

Fortunately, the majority of pet-owners take good care of their bearded dragons. However, people oftentimes find themselves selling their beardies due to various reasons. Usually these reason include relocation, money-related problems, or something similar.

Furthermore, Craigslist almost always has bearded dragons for sale. Of course, if you’re in a smaller city, you may have less options available.

However, if this is the case, you can use Craigslist’s “Save Search” feature. By using this feature, you’ll be notified as soon as someone posts a bearded dragon for sale.

In order to do this, simply go to Craigslist and input a search such as “Bearded Dragon for Sale Near Me” or simply “Bearded Dragon” (it should automatically detect your location).

Once you input the search, hit enter and you will see a button that says “Save Search” next to the search bar. Click this button and it will ask for your email to create an account.

From there, you will receive an email every time someone posts a bearded dragon for sale near you!

Location of save search feature on Craigslist

Search for Reptile Stores in Your City

Another great option for finding bearded dragons for sale is by looking for reptile stores in your city.

This is quite easy, but if you’re not tech-savvy, simply go to Google and search “Reptile store near me” or “Reptile stores in *insert name of your city & state*

Googling Reptile Store Near Me

It’s not uncommon for big cities to have five or more reptile stores. However, if you’re in a small town, you may have to travel an hour or so to find a reptile store.

Because reptile stores specialize in bearded dragons, snakes, and other reptiles, they’re usually top-notch when it comes to their husbandry practices. However, if you’re skeptical about the care your reptile store is providing their reptiles, there’s a few things you should look out for:

  • Make sure they have water
  • Look at the weight of their bearded dragons (are they too skinny or overweight?)
  • Ensure all the enclosures are clean (no old, dried up poop should be in the enclosures)

In addition, reptile stores carry everything you need to setup your bearded dragon’s enclosure. They’ll have everything from tanks, substrates, plants, hides, food, water dishes, and more. If you don’t already have these things, it will make the entire process of buying a bearded dragon a lot easier!

Reptile Expos

Bearded Dragons For Sale at Reptile Expo in Illinois

If you’re not familiar with reptile expos, you’re missing out! These are big reptile events that travel the United States. Many local and national reptile breeders go to these expos to sell their reptiles.

Fortunately, since bearded dragons are so popular, there’s always plenty of bearded dragons to choose from. You’ll be able to find any morph you desire. Furthermore, the prices are fairly reasonable and oftentimes, you can haggle with the dealers.

There’s a few different reptile expos out there. They usually vary depending on the part of the country you’re in. However, some of the more popular ones include:

 All said and done, reptile expos are an awesome place to buy a bearded dragon from. They also have plenty of supplies, feeders, and other reptiles to choose. Many people will travel several hours to attend one of these shows and it’s very much worth it!

Buyer's Guide - What to Look Out for When Looking for a Breeder

So, now that you have a list of some of our favorite bearded dragon breeders, you should know the things to look out for in order to ensure you’ve found yourself a good pet breeder:


If you’re going through your favorite bearded dragon breeders, but they lack dragons, what’s even the point?

Make sure you find a breeder that has a large variety of fancy bearded dragons. There are so many different colors and morphs on the market, such as Normal, Silkback, Translucent, Zero, German Giant, Paradox, and Hypomelanistic. Make sure you find breeders with plenty of cool morphs to choose from so you can pick your favorite color!

Not only is it cool to be able to choose from a variety of different colors, but you can be sure that you will be purchasing from a breeder that has spent years trying to produce the perfect reptile. Basically, you get a cool dragon and a healthy dragon – you really can’t beat that!

Reputation & Experience

This one may come obvious, but it’s important to keep in mind, nonetheless. Finding a reputable breeder should be your number one priority when looking for a baby beardie.

The truth is, most large corporate pet stores (we won’t say any names) don’t really care about the health of their animals. They may have plenty of bearded dragons for sale, but that doesn’t mean they provide proper care for these animals. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for baby bearded dragons to die in the possession of pets stores. Plus, the care advice they give new reptile owners is pretty controversial.

However, there are plenty of great breeders available on the web. Be careful though! Make sure you do your due diligence and research each company you’re interested in buying an animal from. If they’ve been around for many years and they have a history of producing amazing and healthy bearded dragons, they’re probably a breeder you should consider!

Customer Service

Without a doubt, customer service should be a top priority when looking through breeders.

If you have any questions (which you probably will), don’t be afraid to reach out to them and ask! It’s their job to make sure all your answers are questions and you feel confident in purchasing your bearded dragon.

If your breeder takes a while to respond or they don’t respond at all – you may want to move onto the next. If they can’t take the time to make you feel comfortable and answer your questions, that effort will probably translate to the care they provide their beardies.

Shipping Policy

Of course, you should make sure your bearded dragon breeder has overnight shipping before you buy a beardie from them. This is a breeding standard, but it’s important to make 100% sure of this. Otherwise, you could end up with a serious accident if your bearded dragon is in the elements too long.

The shipping policy should be located on a specific page of their website called “shipping policy”, “terms of service”, or something similar. If you can’t locate it, send them an email or call their phone.

Health Guarantee

Finally, you need to make sure your breeder provides a health guarantee. Most breeders give a guarantee that your beardie will arrive safely. If your bearded dragon unfortunately dies during the shipping process, they should give you a full refund.

Some breeders will even give you a couple of days to return or exchange your bearded dragon. I wouldn’t automatically eliminate a breeder that doesn’t have this type of policy, but if they do, it’s a nice little touch.

Read over their terms of service page to find this info. Or, if they don’t have the policy listed on their website, get in touch by phone or email and tell them you’d like to buy one of their animals, but you’re interested in knowing their refund and health policies.

Final Thoughts - Who is The Best Bearded Dragon Breeder?

Finding a good online bearded dragon breeder can be a tedious task. However, we hope with the help of this guide, we’ve made the process a bit easier.

So, which breeder is the best? Unfortunately, I can’t give you that answer. All I can say is we’re confident that every single one of the breeders on our list will provide you an amazing bearded dragon. Whichever breeder you decide to purchase from is totally up to you!

If you’re interested in learning more about beardies, feel free to search through our website and see what other awesome information you can find! Have an awesome day, fellow reptilians!