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black bearded dragon

The black bearded dragon; the rarest morph of all – or just a hoax?

Many question whether black bearded dragons even exist. And it’s no surprise considering it’s hard to even find images of them on Google. 

However, black bearded dragons are 100% real. But, these bearded dragons are hard to come by, and, as a result, they’re usually rather expensive. 

So, let’s take a closer look at black bearded dragons, their genetic makeup, how much they cost, and where you can buy one! 

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What Are Black Bearded Dragons?

Black bearded dragons are a variation of the ‘zero’ morph. Hypo zero bearded dragons lack pigmentation and are white in color. However, trans zero bearded dragons refer to darker-colored bearded dragons, ranging from light gray to black. Specifically, black bearded dragons are known as ‘melanistic’ as they have a surplus of melanin in the skin.

Melanin is the substance that produces pigment in the skin and hair. Melanism is the result of the overdevelopment of melanin and leads to partially black or completely black skin (or fur) in animals. 

Animals that suffer from melanism are known as melanistic. Animals of nearly all species can be melanistic, including bearded dragons, but humans cannot. 

black bearded dragons

How Much Do Black Bearded Dragons Cost?

Due to their rare nature, black bearded dragons cost approximately $300 to $500. However, the darker the bearded dragon, the more expensive it will cost. Some black bearded dragons have been known to cost upwards of $3,000.

How Do You Breed Black Bearded Dragons?

Breeding black bearded dragons isn’t as simple as breeding two dark bearded dragons. Because melanism is a random condition, it’s impossible to predict when you’ll hatch a melanistic bearded dragon.

In fact, if you look at the image below, this bearded dragon was hatched from two normal bearded dragons. Normal bearded dragons are the standard brown/gray-colored morph that you see in pet stores. This baby is black, while the rest of its siblings are normal. 

For years, breeders have sought to systematically create the elusive black bearded dragon. However, many breeders that hatch dark bearded dragons are let down because they quickly lighten with age. 

Unfortunately, this is usually the case with black bearded dragons. Although they are born black, many will lighten to dark gray or even light gray over time.

black bearded dragons breed

Can Bearded Dragons Turn Black?

It’s common for bearded dragons to turn black in certain circumstances. Many bearded dragon owners are confused when this phenomenon occurs and wonder if it’s a cause for concern. 

Fortunately, this is completely normal and almost every bearded dragon will become a little darker at some point. So, what does it mean when a bearded dragon is black? 

Black Bearded Dragons for Sale: Where to Buy One

Perhaps you’re interested in finding a black bearded dragon for sale. Because they’re so rare, it can be challenging to find one for sale. However, some bearded dragon breeders will sell them every so often.

unique bearded dragon

Here is a list of breeders that carry some of the most unique bearded dragon morphs, including dark bearded dragons:

Your best bet is to keep your eyes open and check these breeders on a monthly basis. You can even ask them to let you know when they produce a dark bearded dragon by sending them an email. When you do this, the breeder will (hopefully) reach out to you whenever they hatch one.

Are Black Bearded Dragons Real?

Yes, black bearded dragons are real. However, you should take the word “black” with a grain of salt. Oftentimes, baby black bearded dragons will lighten as they grow older. Some will lighten less than others, but almost all will lighten to some degree.

Can You Get a Black Bearded Dragon?

Yes, you can get a black bearded dragon, whether you’re trying to hatch one or buy one. However, it’s important to remember:

How Long Do Black Bearded Dragons Live?

Black bearded dragons have the same lifespan as any other bearded dragon. In captivity, you can expect a black bearded dragon to live 8 to 12 years. However, some bearded dragons have been known to live upwards of 25 years.

What Is the Rarest Bearded Dragon Morph?

There are several rare bearded dragon morphs and colors. Some of the rarest include:

Final Thoughts on Black Beardies

Black bearded dragons, otherwise known as melanistic bearded dragons, are extremely rare due to the abnormally high amount of melanin in their skin.

As a result, black bearded dragons for sale come at a high price. They can also be hard to find as breeders don’t typically carry them. However, if you continue to search, you can get a black bearded dragon. 

It’s important to remember that breeders often fail to mention that black bearded dragons tend to lighten with age. Therefore, if you purchase a black bearded dragon as a baby, it will likely be gray as an adult.

We hope this article taught you something new about the elusive black bearded dragon morph! If you’re considering getting your first bearded dragon, be sure to check out our other helpful articles on bearded dragons, along with our bearded dragon care guide!