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best bearded dragon leashes

Today, we’ll be checking out the best bearded dragon leashes on Amazon. And if you want the best harness for bearded dragons, the options below will surely give you your money’s worth!

The best bearded dragon leashes should support a tight fit and allow your pet reptile move freely outdoors. A high-quality bearded dragon leash usually comes with three harnesses or a universal, tight-fitting supports.

Selecting a quality bearded dragon leash will make walks more rewarding for you and your beardie. That’s why we’ll be looking at vital features of the best bearded dragon leashes. These leashes will keep your reptile both comfy and fashionable!

Editor’s Choice

ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash

This durable bearded dragon leash comes with three harnesses to support the best possible fit for your bearded dragon.

The long cable, tight-fitting knot, and grip handle make it easy to guarantee comfort and control during a stroll. And for aesthetic effect, a gold-themed set of wings comes with this set to give your reptile a dashing look!

As you can see, our beardie looks like he could fly away at any moment with these beautiful golden wings!

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Buying Guide: 10 Best Bearded Dragon Leashes

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Bearded Dragon Leashes

Leash length

Longer leashes are perfect for bearded dragons to take walks without straining their necks. Shorter cords may cause accidental pulling, which may cause distress to your pet reptile’s upper torso and front legs.

Consider getting a stretchy cable too to prevent any sudden, harsh grips of your bearded dragon during a walk.


The right harness will make sure your bearded dragon is in a snug fit on its leash. Buying a quality harness prevents any sudden escape, that’s if your bearded dragon is quite adventurous.

A harness should also provide enough comfort and prevent suffocation of your favorite pet reptiles.


Your preferred bearded dragon leash should have a good grip that doesn’t hurt your pet reptile during a walk. Select bearded dragon leashes that provide the right grip without stressing your pet reptiles.

Different Size Options

Bearded dragons grow quickly, and they could outgrow a one-size leash in record time. Your preferred bearded dragon leash should have different harness sizes to support baby, young, and adult reptiles. It becomes easier to get more value for your purchase with a three-in-one harness bearded dragon leash.

Anti-bite build

Some bearded dragons could reach for their leash’s rope and try to cut it before attempting a getaway. That’s why you need to choose the best bearded dragon leashes that provide anti-bite protection. It will be difficult for a bearded dragon to cut a high-quality leash no matter how hard it tries.

Adjustable Design

A healthy bearded dragon will grow pretty fast and may require new sets of accessories frequently. But buying the best bearded dragon leash gives you an opportunity to use one purchase for much longer.

Quality bearded dragon leashes are fully adjustable and can perfectly suit baby or adult pet reptiles.

10 Best Bearded Dragon Leashes

#1. MBVBN Adjustable Bearded Dragon Leash

Do you desire an elegant look, tight hold, and comfy grip from a bearded dragon leash? Check out the amazing bearded dragon leash bundle from MBVBN. It could be the perfect fit for your beardie!


The leash comes with black and gold-rimmed wings to give your bearded dragon a classy appearance every time.

It also features three harnesses made from soft leather in small (S), medium (M), and large (L) sizes. With these harnesses, it becomes easy to snugly fit this leash on young and adult bearded dragons.

Owners of pet reptiles will also fancy the elastic leash fitted onto this harness. The string features a metal grip handle to make sure your pets don’t make a run for it during a walk. You’ll also get a stainless steel buckle with each leash you buy; making it easy to secure your beardie easily.




The adjustable bearded dragon leash has several features that make it easy to take your pet reptiles on strolls. It also comes with different size options to deliver more value to buyers.

#2. POLKASTORE Bearded Dragon Leash

Are you keen on a comfy leash for your bearded dragon and other reptiles? The adjustable option from POLKASTORE ranks among the best bearded dragon leashes for pet reptiles. Check out this option to be sure it has all your bearded dragons need for a refreshing stroll.


The bearded dragon leash features an adjustable design with three harnesses included. Baby, young, and adult bearded dragons can snugly fit into the leather harnesses added to this pack.

It also features a nylon rope bonded with two stainless steel clasps for an assured grip of your pet reptile. You can easily fit this nylon rope through metal rims bored into grip supports added in this leash set.

A metal buckle is included that also serves as a handle. With this multi-purpose buckle, it’s quite comfy to get your pet through a stroll and back any time!




Apart from not featuring wings in its set, the bearded dragon leash supports a perfect fit for most pet reptiles. And it will be a great option for owners that don’t need a bearded dragon leash with wings.

#3. ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash

Picking this three-size, adjustable bearded dragon leash could be what your pet reptiles need to stand out during a stroll.


The lizard leash comes with a dragon-style design, making it easy to give your reptile a unique and charming appearance every time.

It also features three soft leather harnesses to guarantee a tight grip on your pets. It’s a great fit for baby and adult bearded dragons if you’re keen on a snug fit with zero slack potential.

An adjustable clip features in this pack and makes it quite easy to support your reptiles regardless of their size. The clip provides easy adjustability for reptiles within 3” – 7” in chest girth.




The adjustable features available in this set make it a perfect choice for different bearded dragons. And the makers have added new features to satisfy customer demands. Selecting this leash could give your reptile the freedom it needs to enjoy your frequent or occasional strolls.

#4. ADOGGYGO Bearded Dragon Leash Harness Hammock Set

Many pet owners might want much more than a leash from one purchase. Such owners will love this leash, harness, and hammock set from ADOGGYGO, as it offers so much value for money.


The bearded dragon hammock set is designed for outdoor recreation and relaxation for your favorite pet reptiles. It features two hammocks, three bearded dragon harnesses, one pair of wings, and a nylon rope.

Three rubber suction cups are fitted onto the hammocks to make installation and your reptile’s relaxation easy. It also comes with stainless steel clasps and buckles to guarantee safety while holding your reptiles.

An easy-adjust clip also features on this bearded dragon leash with wings to make fitting on your reptiles pretty straightforward.




The adjustable design of this hammock, harness, and leash set gives it an edge over several options currently on sale.

It also offers some of the most eye-catching features available on top-quality leashes. The set could be what your beardie needs to have a swell time whenever you’re both outdoors.

#5. DSSPORT 3 Packs Adjustable Bearded Dragon Leash

The adjustable set from DSSPORT offers more than just a leash to control your bearded dragon. Check out everything else it has in store to guarantee your reptiles an excellent outdoor experience, every time!


The entire design of this adjustable bearded dragon leash hinges heavily on safety. It features an adjustable cord, making it easy to ensure a snug fit on your bearded dragon’s neck area. You won’t have to worry about losing your bearded dragon whenever it’s time to take a walk or a trip to the beach!

Three harnesses come with this pack to guarantee a safe hold on your beardie during a walk. The leash also features a specially-designed wing to give your pet beardie a unique appearance. You can easily fit the nylon thread onto the included wings, creating a tight fit with its harness fitting underneath.

A durable metal buckle also features in this set along with a couple of tough clamps for added strength. The rope has an impressive stretch rate, making it a perfect option for walking your pet reptile comfortably.




The beautiful bearded dragon leash with wings could be an excellent option to walk your bearded dragon. It features some durable elements designed to make strolls with your favorite reptile worth your time.

#6. BWOGUE Bearded Dragon Harness and Leash

Very few bearded dragon leashes can match BWOGUE’s design when it concerns safety and comfort for your pet reptiles. Check out some great features this leash possesses and why it could be an excellent choice for your bearded dragon.


Repeat testing of all features added to this harness and leash set makes it a safe option for your bearded dragons. It comes with a unique design featuring comfortable, easy-to-wear harnesses. And these harnesses are available in three sizes to help you get the most from walking your pet dragons.

It also features a durable, adjustable rope, ensuring a perfect fit on all your creeping pets. Tightening this rope onto the aluminum rings bored into the harness guarantees great grip on your pet reptiles.




If you’re searching for bearded dragon leashes with wings, this may not be your first option. But on second thought, it offers a wealth of features to guarantee your reptile’s overall comfort and easy movement. The easy-fitting harness and adjustable cord make it a great choice for taking walks with your prized pets.

#7. WATFOON Adjustable Bearded Dragon Leash

Getting the best bearded dragon leashes for your baby or adult reptile guarantees it a comfortable walk. Checking out what WATFOON has to offer could tell if it’s the bearded dragon leash your reptile needs.


With its overall weight just under 1 oz. (~0.81 oz.), this bearded dragon leash places no stress on your pet reptile. It sports a unique design overall with its black and white wings. Your pet reptile will look great in this leash whenever you’re out on a walk.

It also features a durable rope fitted onto the pair of wings to make controlling your beardie quite straightforward.

Finally, unlike the other bearded dragon leashes on our list, this one also comes with a nice carrying pouch that goes over your shoulder. That way, once your beardie gets tired, you can simply pick them up and place them in the pouch!




Pet owners searching for the best bearded dragon leashes with a unique design will love this product. It offers top-class designs and can support other small pets you currently own. Its durable design and quick-fitting features make it a preferred option for many owners of pet reptiles and small animals.

#8. Weewooday Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash Harness

The best bearded dragon leashes will keep your reptile in a safe hold whenever you need to take walks. And with this option from Weeowooday, it’s quite easy to get your beardies through strolls without hassle!


The Weewooday bearded dragon leash comes in an interesting bearded design that makes it look like it were an actual dragon! This unique design will have people breaking their necks to have a look your beardie.

Coming in three sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your bearded dragon, regardless of its size and age.

Nylon and leather is the choice material used in designing harnesses for this set. The leather choice adds a stretchy detail to your beardie’s harnesses, guaranteeing their overall comfort. Your reptiles won’t feel restrained whenever a flexible harness is wrapped around their upper bodies.

And the elevated bat wings added to this set makes it a unique option to beautify your bearded dragons.




The expanding harness included in this set is a handy feature for pet owners keen on a long-lasting leash set. You can rely on its stretchy nature to maximize your hold on leashed reptiles with ease.

#9. Sawyd Adjustable Reptile Lizard Leash

An adjustable bearded dragon leash is usually a favored option for several pet owners. That’s why countless buyers choose this option for the easy-adjust feature it offers and much more.


The leash features a top-mounted design built to keep your bearded dragon in a snug fit throughout walks. It also features a long rope measuring around 47.2”, making it easy to guarantee your bearded dragon’s freedom during walks.

A long metal chain added to this set makes controlling your adventurous pet quite easy too. And the easy-wear feature of this leash makes strapping onto your beardie quite comfortable. It also features an adjustable buckle to make it easy to fit on bearded dragons of all sizes without stress.




Teaching your pets to walk or just taking them out on a stroll becomes a breeze with this leash. It supports a simple design and is easy to wear on bearded dragons of all sizes. The long rope added to this leash set makes it a perfect choice to walk your beardies without stressing them out.

#10. Lewondr 3-Pack Bearded Dragon Lizard Leash

Pet owners usually want more than just a set of leashes for their bearded dragons. If you need something extra with your bearded dragon leash, this set has what you’re looking for and much more.


The bearded dragon leash set features a slightly-elevated set of bat wings to give your beardie an eye-catching appearance. It also features a long nylon rope attached through bored rims to make adjustment quite comfortable.

Three sets of leather harnesses come with this set to make sure your beardies of all ages are in a perfect grip. A hat and bowknot tie also features in this set to give your pet reptiles an elegant look every time.

Stainless steel clasps and a buckle also feature in this leash set to guarantee firm holds during a stroll.




The bearded dragon leash has every accessory you need to make your pet reptile appear like a fine gentleman. And since it features durable elements to help keep your pet under control, it’s an excellent choice for outdoor walks.


Are leashes OK for bearded dragons?

Leashes are great for bearded dragons, but it might take a while for your pets to get used to them. The best bearded dragon leashes make it easy for your reptiles to accept being led around for a walk. However, acceptance of a bearded dragon leash usually depends on your pet’s tolerance threshold.

How do you put a leash on a bearded dragon?

You can leash your bearded dragon by placing it between the space of its harness and leash knot.

Next, place your reptile’s front legs into pre-cut holes in its harness and tighten the fixture with its leash knot. Make sure to use the best bearded dragon leashes to avoid suffocating your pet reptiles.

Are collars safe for bearded dragons?

Don’t use a collar to leash your bearded dragon, as collars must be strung around your reptile’s neck to fit. Stringing a collar around your reptile’s neck could lead to suffocation, injury, or even death.

Collars may also come undone over time, allowing your bearded dragon to get free while taking a walk.

Can you take bearded dragons for walks?

You can comfortably take your bearded dragons for walks, especially when you fit a harness and leash them properly. Most bearded dragons won’t walk for long, but your pet reptiles will benefit from regular strolls all the same.

Final Thoughts: Best Bearded Dragon Leashes

Sourcing the best bearded dragon leashes and harnesses doesn’t have to be tough anymore. Take cues from this post, and you can easily get top-rated bearded dragon leashes without searching through tons of products. And if you need a durable bearded dragon leash with wings, several options above are perfect for your beardie!