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best climbing accessories for leopard geckos

As you probably already know, most leopard geckos love to climb and explore. However, since there’s so many different types of climbing accessories to choose from, making a decision on what to put in your leopard geckos’ tank can be tough!

Some climbing accessories are cheap, low quality, break easily, or don’t have enough support. However, pet owners need to provide their reptiles the right climbing accessories to give them exercise, mental stimulation, and mimic their natural environment.

That’s why, in this article, we’re going to review the very best climbing accessories for leopard geckos. Keep reading to create the perfect jungle gym for your leopard gecko!

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Best Climbing Accessories for Leopard Gecko Tank

Here’s a look at all the must-have climbing accessories for your leopard geckos’ tank:


Most hammocks are designed with synthetic material like polyester or woven cotton. However, hammocks made of rope are the best for leopard geckos. Even if geckos don’t climb often, they tend to hang onto the hammock in their tank more often. Select a sturdy hammock to keep your gecko occupied whenever it is in its tank.

Our recommendation:

Fake Plants

Apart from recreating a natural scene for your leopard geckos to thrive, fake plants are great for climbing. There’s not much to say about artificial plants since they all do they same job. However, we do recommend getting a set of fake plants that is natural looking to mimic your geckos’ natural environment. 

Our recommendation:

Artificial Rock / Ledge

Our leopard gecko 'Cheerio' enjoying his rock ledge and waterfall

One of the most essential parts of a completed leopard gecko tank is a ledge. Rock ledges make it easy for your leopard gecko to climb and explore other areas of its tank. Furthermore, most rock ledges come with a burrow or hide where your gecko can hide out and feel safe.

Above is an image of the rock ledge we have in our leopard geckos’ enclosure. Not only is it great for climbing, but it has a waterfall inside that drips water. It also has a blue light that makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at. Our leopard gecko loves exploring his rock ledge! 

Our recommendation:

Burrow hide

Even if burrow hides aren’t designed for climbing, some of these synthetic rocks support recreational activities for geckos. Ensure you select a burrow hide that features a steep surface akin to your gecko’s natural environment. Geckos will surely love to climb onto their hide if they need warmth.

Our recommendation:

Climbing Accessories Kit

Apart from standalone climbing accessories, you can get some top products that features multiple accessories for your leopard gecko. Some products, like the set linked below from PINVNBY, offer more than one climbing accessory.

Leopard geckos can get vines, leaves, a hammock, and ledge from one package. While some of these packages may come with items you don’t need, usually their much cheaper than buying everything individually.

Our recommendation:

What to Consider Before Selecting Climbing Accessories for Leopard Geckos

Size of your gecko

Most climbing accessories are available in three sizes – small, medium, and large. If you want your leopard gecko to have a swell time climbing, buy accessories that fit it perfectly.

Tank dimensions

Your geckos’ tank size determines how many climbing accessories you can comfortably fit in. Packing your leopard gecko’s tank with too many climbing accessories could stress it out. You need to leave enough space around your gecko’s tank to allow it move freely.

Number of geckos you have

Leopard geckos tend to be possessive, especially when they’re bigger than their tank mate. At no time should you keep more than one gecko in a tank based on the risks involved.

So, you’ll have to buy every accessory you want for your geckos according to how many reptiles you’ve got.


What do leopard geckos like to climb on?

Even if leopard geckos aren’t expert climbers, they like to climb on logs, rocks, and other surfaces. However, leopard geckos cannot climb glass or smoothened walls like some other reptiles.

What kind of hides do leopard geckos like?

Leopard geckos like hides that offer warmth, moisture, and safety more than others. You will have to place a minimum of three hides in a leopard gecko’s tank. The hide that supports warmth should be in a hot part of its tank. Moist and cool hides should be in humid areas of your gecko’s tank.

What accessories do you need for a leopard gecko?

Top accessories needed for setting up a leopard gecko habitat

Is golden pothos toxic to a leopard gecko?

Several golden pothos varieties are not toxic to a leopard gecko’s health. Many companies use golden pothos in making climbing plants and support foliage for synthetic vines. Even if your gecko chews on the pothos plant, it’s less likely to have any adverse effect on it.

Final Thoughts: Best Climbing Accessories for Leopard Geckos

Selecting the best climbing accessories for leopard geckos requires correct information to help you make an excellent choice. That’s why in this post, we’ve seen top climbing accessories to max out your leopard geckos’ time in their terrarium.

It is important to select a set of top climbing accessories for your leopard geckos. Apart from design quality, these climbing accessories are safe for your geckos to play around and even chew on. Some inferior accessories could be toxic to your gecko, so you had better watch out.