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best fake plants for bearded dragons

If you’re on the hunt for the best fake plants for bearded dragons, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Making your pets live comfortable lives is the highlight of every pet owner. You like seeing your pets happy, and making their vivarium as close enough to their natural habitats as possible is one of those ways.

One way to go about this is by adding plants. Their tank should contain lots of plants, asides from adding appeal and looking very much like their natural habitat; they serve as a shelter where your beardie can rest or hide. Additionally, they can perch and climb on specific plants.

But, there are some downsides to adding live plants to your beardie’s vivarium. It increases humidity. Also, your beardie might eat it down, which leads to constant replacement. Furthermore, plants are living things and need to be taken care of too.

If this is your first beardie, and you’re still taking baby steps or trying to avoid the maintenance needed by live plants, you should opt for fake plants.

Fake plants give the illusion of life plants, so the vivarium still looks like its natural habitat. Also, they won’t affect humidity, don’t require the maintenance life plants need, just occasional cleaning, and won’t be eaten down, so you don’t have to worry about constant replacement.

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Factors to Consider When Buying False Plants

So let us take a look at our best 5 fake plants for bearded dragons that fall into the categories mentioned earlier.

5 Best Fake Plants for Bearded Dragons

#1. Bearded Dragon Hammock Jungle Climber Vines Flexible Reptile Leaves

This plant is probably the best choice of fake plants out there. The bundle comes with a hammock, fake plant, and large vine.

Thus, if you are looking to spice up your beardie’s vivarium, make it look like its natural habitat, then you should buy the bearded dragon hammock jungle climber, vines, and flexible reptile leaves. Not only is it a great deal, but there’s a lot of space for climbing and exploring.

In addition, it comes with 5 suction cups, which helps prevent your beardie from falling off by accident. Also, the vines provide more stability while climbing and prevent your plants from tangling up, and the hammock made of all-natural seagrass fibers makes for an excellent relaxation spot.



#2. Reptile Plants Hanging Silk Terrarium Plants With Suction Cup for Bearded Dragons

This set is an excellent choice for your beardie’s vivarium. Soft leaves are the perfect choice for bearded dragons. It comes with 12 vines and two suction cups, and the leaves look as life-like as possible, making the tank look like a bearded dragon’s natural habitat.

Furthermore, featuring polyethylene stalk and silk leaves, it is not harmful to your beardie’s well-being and provides enough comfort and excellent hiding and resting spots.



#3. Exo Terra Pandanus

Exo Terra has manufactured a vast range number of artificial plants for your selection. All their artificial plants look natural, and the pandanus is no exception.

This natural-looking plant is suitable for creating a desert-like terrarium. Its overlapping leaves provide enough shelter for rest and hiding places for your beardie.

Additionally, the Exo Terra Pandanus extremely durable and heavy enough so you’re beardie won’t move it around.



#4. Aqua KT Reptile Corner Branch Terrarium Plant Decoration

This plant is a corner branch plant that supports climbing. It has a long, wide resin vine that provides stability while climbing and doesn’t let the plants form messy knots.

Also, two suction cups hold the plant firmly to the tank and your bearded dragon from accidentally falling. A lot of pet owners favor this due to its natural appearance and durable design.



#5. WILLBOND 3 Pieces Artificial Reptile Plants Reptiles Terrarium Leaves

This three-piece plant set is an excellent substitute for live plants. It looks as natural as possible and makes the tank look vibrant and lovely.

In addition, this set provides your beardie with all the climbing support it might need. Three 12″ plant types are available in three packs, which offer a wide range of plants your bearded dragon is going to enjoy.

Furthermore, it has polyethylene stalk and silk leaves, which makes for an entirely safe environment that your beardie can play in and provides many hiding spots.

Overall, this plant set provides a wide range of colors to add to your beardies enclosure, providing a nice aesthetic that both you and your beardie will enjoy.



Differences Between Fake and Real Plants

Frequently Asked Questions

Can bearded dragons eat fake plants?

Yes, but they can’t finish up a fake plant, only a few nibbles here and there. Bearded dragons eating fake plants only occur if they’re hungry and have nothing to eat.

So feed your beardie well and consistently, and she won’t even think of eating those fake plants.

Can I buy another bearded dragon?

Yes, you can, but you shouldn’t put two male bearded dragons together, as they will fight for dominance. Also, unless your female bearded dragon is old enough to breed, healthy, and in good condition, she should not be housed with male bearded dragons.

Also, you should also be aware that bearded dragons can kill each other off. Fighting for dominance and food can lead to them killing each other.

Final Thoughts - Fake Plants for Beardies

Fake plants are low maintenance and don’t need as much attention as real plants, making pet owners highly favor them.

Besides, unlike when choosing natural plants to put in your bearded dragon’s vivarium, you don’t have to base your decisions on whether one is toxic or not. Additionally, fake plants are not poisonous and only harmful if your beardie mistakenly eats one.

Another advantage to fake plants is they will make your beardie’s environment look as natural as their natural habitat. Spicing up their tank with many fake plants can make them feel like they’re in the wild.

We’ve compiled the best fake plants you can put in your bearded dragon’s tank. Therefore, you should get one and set it up in your beardies enclosure. In no time, your beardie’s tank will be looking so beautiful and natural, and your beardie is going to love you for it.

They’ll have a lot of hiding spots and shelter to rest too. Accessories like hammocks make their home more lively and relaxing.

After all, creating an environment you love to live in is not only good for humans but pets alike.