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Cat Proof Your Bearded Dragon Cage (Top 3 Methods)

Looking to cat proof your bearded dragon cage?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Unfortunately, cats and bearded dragons don’t usually get along too well. In the wild, cats are direct predators to lizards and they definitely don’t discriminate against bigger lizards such as bearded dragons.

In fact, according to National Geographic, cats kill upwards of 4 billion small animals every year. This includes everything from birds, small rodents, and of course, lizards!

So, you get the point. You definitely don’t want your cat anywhere near your bearded dragons cage – or at the very least, able to access it.

Hence, that begs the question – how do you cat proof your bearded dragon cage?

The best method to cat proof your bearded dragon cage is to simply keep your bearded dragon in a separate room than your cat. However, if that’s not possible, keep the cage on a shelf that doesn’t have a big enough ledge for your cat to jump on. Finally, if you have a screen cage top, keep a lock or clamp on it to keep your cat out!

Above all else, if you have a screen cage top, the first thing you should do is get a set of clamps to ensure your cat has no way of accessing your bearded dragons cage.

Fortunately, Zilla makes a super strong set of clamps specifically designed for screen cage tops. You can purchase them here:

So, now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s dive a little deeper into each of these methods and how you can be 100% sure your bearded dragon never comes face to face with your kitty!

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1. Keep Your Bearded Dragon in a Separate Room

This may seem like an obvious answer – and it probably is. However, if you have a spare bedroom, it may be a good idea to designate it as your reptile room.

Unfortunately, cats are sneaky little creatures. Even if you take every precaution possible, your cat may still end up on top of your bearded dragons enclosure.

Of course, this method won’t work for everyone as not everyone will have an additional bedroom to spare. However, don’t worry – even if you don’t – you can still implement the other methods we recommend for cat proofing your bearded dragons enclosure.

2. Use a Stand the Same Size as Your Cage

If your cat keeps jumping on your bearded dragons cage, make it jump-proof!

You can easily do this by getting a shelf or stand that is roughly the same size as your bearded dragons cage.

Basically, the goal is to make the ledge or lip so small that your cat will be unable to jump up near the cage. You can see the two images below showing what I mean:

A cat could easily jump onto the ledge of this table
This shelf has no ledge for a cat to jump on

Also, be sure to keep your beardies cage clear of any nearby furniture, shelves, or other items that your cat could jump on. Cats can jump pretty high – and if you have anything in close proximity to your cage – they will probably be able to access it.

If you don’t have a shelf or stand that will work, you can always find one on Craigslist or OfferUp. Both of these apps are great for finding used and inexpensive furniture. Expect to pay somewhere in the range of $30-150 for a used shelf or stand. Remember, you can always haggle the price on these apps!

Pro Tip: Look for shelves that have been listed for more than two weeks. The seller will be much more likely to haggle on the price!

Additionally, be sure to measure the dimensions of you enclosure beforehand. That way, you know what size shelf to look for. We recommend getting a stand or shelf that is about 2-4” larger than the length and width of your cage. This will leave a ledge that is too small for your cat to jump on – but still large enough to comfortably support your cage.

3. Get a Lock or Clamp for Your Cage

Zilla Clamp for Mesh Cage Top

No matter which method(s) you’re able to implement – this one should be a top priority. You always need a lock or clamp for your bearded dragons cage.

Cats are known for being able to break into just about anything. My cat has gotten into my cabinets, shelves, and has even opened a door on its own!

You can definitely be sure that they are capable of opening the lid on your bearded dragons cage – especially if you have one that is a mesh or screen top.

Fortunately, Zilla makes a product called Heavy Duty Screen Clips which are specifically designed to clamp down screen enclosures.

These clamps are extremely strong and make it nearly impossible for anything to enter or exit your beardies cage (other than you, of course!). Best of all, they come in a 2-pack and they’re super cheap!

If you don’t have a set, I highly recommend you pick some up!

Why You Need a Cat-Proof Bearded Dragon Cage

So, you may be wondering why it is so important to keep your cat away from your bearded dragon.

They can be friends, right?

Well, not exactly. Cats and lizards don’t seem to get along too well – especially in the wild.

Unfortunately, cats are built to kill just about anything smaller than them. This includes a variety of different birds, rodents, and lizards.

It’s not that cats are evil; they’re simply reacting out of instinct. Feral cats feed on these smaller animals on a daily basis.

So, although your house cat may be supplied plenty of kibble and cat food – they will still instinctively hunt smaller animals.

However, it’s not just the idea of your cat eating your bearded dragon that you need to worry about.

Bearded dragons can easily become stressed if they see a potential predator. Therefore, if they see a large cat poking at them through the glass of their cage, this could cause them extreme amounts of stress.

The last thing you want is a stressed out bearded dragon. If not addressed, stress can lead to a variety of different health complications and behavioral issues.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, it’s important that you keep your bearded dragon and cat away from each other.

Unfortunately, cats are natural predators to lizards and without the proper safety precautions in place, keeping them around each other poses a risk for the life and safety of your bearded dragon.

Luckily, these inexpensive and easy solutions can help cat-proof your bearded dragons cage!

Hopefully, you were able to learn something new from this article. As always, Happy Herping!