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do bearded dragons like mirrors

If you own a beardie – an odd question may have popped up in your head.. Do bearded dragons like mirrors?

The truth is, bearded dragons exhibit different behaviors depending on the environment that they are in.

As such, the items in a beardies surrounding may cause them to behave in a certain way. Mirrors, in particular, can impact the behavior of your bearded buddy in several ways.

Plus, Bearded dragons are curious by nature. Hence, there is a high chance that your pet lizard will interact with the items around it, including mirrors.

However, it is important to keep in mind that beardies don’t perceive their reflections the same way we do.

When your bearded dragon sees its reflection in the mirror, it will most likely think that there is a second dragon in its environment.

To expand on this, let us answer this question—do bearded dragons like mirrors?

Out of curiosity, your bearded dragon may stare into the mirror(s) in its surrounding. Nonetheless, that does not that they like mirrors. They are just trying to figure out who the new intruder is. As mentioned earlier, Bearded dragons think their reflection is another beardie. And since they are both territorial and solitary creatures, mirrors can trigger certain behaviors in beardies.

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Beardies And Mirrors: Do Bearded Dragons Like Mirrors?

Most beardie keepers have reported that their pets behave differently when they are in front of mirrors.

The behaviors exhibited may vary from one Bearded dragon to another, so it will all depend on the personality of your beardie.

However, most Bearded dragons, especially the male species exhibit aggressive behavior when they see their reflection in the mirror.

According to beardie experts, adult Bearded dragons are more likely to get aggressive compared to juveniles because they want to show dominance in their environment.

With that being said, you should not place mirrors in or around your Bearded dragon’s enclosure as this may affect their behavior.

Nonetheless, not all beardies will act aggressively when they see their reflections in the mirror.

Some Bearded dragons act calm when they are in front of mirrors and may also engage in arm waving behavior to show submission.

Other Reasons Why You Should Not Place Mirrors Near Your Beardie's Enclosure

Causes Stress In Beardies

Your bearded dragon may feel threatened when it sees its reflection in the mirror, thereby resulting in stress.

Most Bearded dragons change color when they are stressed, so this can help you know whether your pet lizard is doing okay or not.

The color change usually occurs on the beard and can at times affect the whole body. When Bearded dragons are stressed, their color darkens.

Like humans, Bearded dragons don’t respond well to stress. As such, your bearded friend may develop temporary antisocial behavior until the stressor is removed from its environment.

Beardies may also engage in glass surfing (scratching and leaning on the enclosure wall) when they are stressed.


Watching your beardie as it interacts with the mirror can be somewhat fun but it can easily end in disaster.

In an attempt to show dominance, your Bearded dragon may ram into the mirror, and this may cause serious injuries.

Bearded dragons often run into mirrors because they are trying to defend their territory from the intruder, which is in fact their reflection.

If you notice that your bearded friend is engaging in head-bobbing behavior when they are in front of a mirror, you should consider removing the mirror.

Male beardies bob their heads to show their dominance, so it can be the first sign of aggressive behavior. Alpha females may also bob their heads to show they are in charge.

How Do I Stop My Bearded Dragon From Ramming Into Mirrors

The best thing that you can do is to keep the mirrors in such a way that your beardie cannot see them. You can cover or store them in another room.

This particularly applies to Bearded dragons that have shown previous signs of aggression when interacting with mirrors.

Final Word

For the safety of your bearded friend, ensure that the little guy does not come into contact with mirrors or any other reflective surface that can produce clear reflections.

Moreover, Bearded dragon experts recommend that mirrors should not be kept around or inside the lizard’s enclosure. Instead, you can keep your beardie entertained by engaging them in other activities like swimming.

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