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how to stop glass surfing in bearded dragons

Look no further if you’re looking at how to stop glass surfing in bearded dragons. Let’s address the issue and explore the science!

Bearded dragons have been known to pull various stunts. These include doing pushups, bobbing their heads, waving, and more.

While most of these behaviors are normal, some are a cause for concern. A common behavior is when your bearded dragon leans on the glass of its tank, otherwise known as glass surfing.

It’s a common misconception that glass surfing is normal, but it’s typically due to an issue that should be addressed.

Thus, let’s take a closer look at what glass surfing is, why it happens, and how to stop a bearded dragon from glass surfing. This can be a sign of serious stress, so keep reading to save your beardie!

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What Exactly is Glass Surfing?

As the name indicates, this is when a bearded dragon will try to climb on the side of the tank. It looks a little like your bearded dragon is dancing on the glass, where it will be rubbing its belly on the glass tank. Its legs may also be moving like paddles, and it seems like the bearded dragon is trying to surf before slipping and falling to the ground.

Why Do the Bearded Dragons Glass Surf?

There is no exact answer when it comes to this form of behavior. However, there is a prevalent connection. This is in particular if you happen to ask all the various pet owners keeping a bearded dragon. It is commonly seen as a sign of stress.

Glass surfing usually is a huge indicator that your bearded dragon is stressed, and it can be stressed out for quite a few reasons, including:

It could be one factor or a combination causing your bearded dragon to glass surf. The next step is to resolve the issue causing the stress to stop this behavior.

How to Stop Bearded Dragons from Glass Surfing?

Other Common Tricks to Prevent A Bearded Dragon from Glass Surfing

This is not often mentioned, but sometimes all you need to do to make your bearded dragon happy is feed it! They are generally satisfied when they have a standard food supply, but a common way they show you that they want a snack is through either flailing their arms or scratching on the glass.

This shows that they are clever enough to get your attention, and you may find them doing this more if they are younger. This is because younger bearded dragons go through growth spurts which require food on a more regular basis.

When adding accessories to the tank, be sure to do this slowly. It is best to limit changes, as bearded dragons are pretty sensitive in matters such as their home and will be sure to let you know when it doesn’t like something.

In addition, be sure to keep your bearded dragon’s enclosure clean. After all, they will not be cleaning up after themselves. An unclean enclosure can lead to parasites and infections that require antibiotics to cure.

Keep an eye out for any possibility that your bearded dragon may be laying eggs. This is especially important if you are planning on becoming a bearded dragon breeder.

Take steps to calm your bearded dragon with other tricks and tips. You can generally calm your bearded dragon by:

Determine the Cause of the Glass Surfing

Generally, you should be aware of any changes with your bearded dragon. If you struggle to keep track mentally, you should certainly write it down. Write down the differences, events, and behavior of your bearded dragon every day or at least once a week.

There are several reasons why your bearded dragon may be glass surfing, and it will take some time to zone in on the guilty culprit. But it is not too difficult to figure it out. This may take some time, and your pet will eventually tell you, not in words but actions.

How to Stop a Bearded Dragon from Glass Surfing

Bearded dragons make it very visible when they are upset, and glass surfing happens to be one of the most common signs.

Sometimes it is a territorial issue, and its reflection or a tank mate may stress out your bearded dragon. On the other hand, it may be hungry, or a new item in its enclosure is scaring it.

The answer to stopping your bearded dragon from glass surfing may not be simple, but you have various options that you can try. Hopefully, with the help of this guide, you now know how to stop a bearded dragon from glass surfing.

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our beardie care guide!

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