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do bearded dragons climb

If you’re wondering, “Do bearded dragons climb?” look no further! Today we’re going to answer questions such as “Can bearded dragons climb trees?”, “Can bearded dragons climb walls?” and “Can bearded dragons climb glass?”

Owning a bearded dragon is an enriching experience, but it does come with its fair share of questions. And you may wonder how well these reptiles can climb.

We all know most geckos can climb, but do bearded dragons climb as well?

Yes, bearded dragons can climb and are considered semi-arboreal. This means they spend a lot of their time climbing rocks and small trees. However, they don’t have sticky feet and can’t climb the walls of their enclosure.

However, it is a different story when they are in captivity. Bearded dragons spend a lot less time climbing, depending on their enclosure setup. But that does not mean they are incapable of climbing.

You can see how well they can crawl up items if given the opportunity. However, most beardie owners keep their bearded dragons’ enclosure relatively flat.

Keep reading to learn if bearded dragons enjoy climbing, how well they can climb, and how high they can climb. We’ll also discuss whether you should consider adding some climbing accessories to your bearded dragon’s enclosure!

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Do Bearded Dragons Enjoy Climbing?

Bearded dragons like to climb for several reasons. It is one of their instinctive habits, and it is something they are more than happy to do daily.

Bearded dragons enjoy climbing on items such as rock piles, bushes, and fallen trees. These items help elevate them closer to the sun to bask more efficiently.

They will also use climbing to run themselves on a higher social ladder. Typically the bearded dragon that tends to be on the highest spot of a tree or a rock is the group’s alpha. They are the most dominant figure, and the ones on the lower parts of whatever they have climbed will be more submissive.

Climbing also gives bearded dragons the advantage of viewing their surroundings. This makes it easy for them to spot any predators approaching them.

So not only is it for matters such as basking and social standing but also their safety. They will be able to see a predator before it gets too close. 

Because it’s instinctual, some bearded dragons enjoy climbing even in captivity. Consider giving them a rock, branch, or other accessory type to allow them to climb if they please.

How Well Can A Bearded Dragon Climb?

Bearded dragons are excellent climbers for being desert lizards. They’re considered semi-arboreal for a reason. They spend a lot of time on and off the ground.

Bearded dragons have arched claws. Thus, they can easily climb small trees and other surfaces without much difficulty.

Bearded dragons also have enormous tails. This means they are well equipped to balance when they are busy climbing. Almost any animal or reptile with a large tail has a fantastic ability to use it to help them maintain balance. Cats, for instance, also have this unique ability.

So bearded dragons can climb, and they’re pretty good at it. The reason most people forget this factor is because they only witness bearded dragons that are in enclosures and cages.

Do Bearded Dragons Enjoy Climbing High?

People have reported that bearded dragons have climbed up high in trees at about 2 meters. Generally, better dragons do not often climb too high. Again, the more dominant and alpha reptiles will rise to the highest point to show dominance.

Most bearded dragons in captivity will never get the chance to climb that high. That is unless you allow them to climb trees in your yard. However, it is a pretty bad idea as it could leave you having to climb up after it as it is very likely they won’t be coming down.

What Should I Consider Putting in My Bearded Dragon's Enclosure to Climb?

You can always consider keeping the enclosure as close to its natural habitat as humanly possible. This can help your bearded dragon stay happy as well as enjoy its habitat.

You can consider packing some natural rocks right on top of each other, which can allow your bearded dragon to get close to the basking lamp. This means that they can absorb all the necessary heat that they need to help with their bodily functions and the digestion of the food.

When it comes to matters such as branches, there is the same rule where you need to keep things as natural as possible. Bearded dragons tend to love branches, making for excellent basking spots.

Can Bearded Dragons Climb Stairs?

Yes, bearded dragons can climb stairs, but they probably won’t be interested in doing so. If you have carpet on your stairs, it will allow your bearded dragon to use its claws to climb them.

Can Bearded Dragons Climb A Wall?

Bearded dragons do not climb walls for the same reason that they cannot climb glass.
A wall is way too vertical, and it is far too solid. The nature of the wall is practically impossible to climb for a bearded dragon.

However, if the wall is made out of rocks and not perfectly vertical, it could be easier for a bearded dragon to get a grip. But, when a wall is vertical with nothing to grip on, a bearded dragon will not be able to climb it.

Do Bearded Dragons Climb Trees?

Bearded dragons can climb small trees without any problems at all. In fact, bearded dragons have even been known to climb up to two meters high in a tree. And that’s why they have proved to have no issues with heights as well as trees.

It’s essential to keep an eye on your bearded dragon outside. If not, you may find your bearded dragon attempting to climb a tree or fence. If you’re not planning on climbing trees yourself after them, then this is not something you will want your bearded dragon to do.

Can Bearded Dragons Climb Fences?

Yes, a bearded dragon can climb up a fence. It does depend a little on the material, though.

Again this is another reason you need to keep a very close eye on your dragon if you allow them to go outside. All it takes is for one other critter to scare them, and they could hide or climb in whatever they believe to be necessary to survive.

Do not let this stop you from taking your bearded dragon outside, but always make sure that they are safe as well as using a harness. Amazon has great harnesses for sale.

Considering that most reptiles are good at climbing, it should not be too much of a surprise that bearded dragons can enjoy the occasional hike up a tree. You may also notice it climbing up on your furniture as well as any items in your house.

Why Are Bearded Dragons Being Kept in Long Tanks?

Many people are not aware of a bearded dragon’s ability and enjoyment of climbing. Consequently, most people buy long terrariums that are relatively short. As a result, they cannot add many climbing accessories to their enclosure.

So you can feel free to get yourself a long and tall tank. After all, you want your bearded dragon to have some fun.

What Are Other Climbing Facts Not Commonly Known About Bearded Dragons?

For one, bearded dragons enjoy climbing and prefer to have multiple hiding points. For your bearded dragon to stay safe and secure, it should have a variety of hiding places. A bearded dragon should at least have one hide in their enclosure. However, the more, the better!

Hides give bearded dragons the ability to hide away when they feel stressed or threatened. It is also a place to sleep as they know they are quite safe from predators. After all, how are they supposed to know that nothing can get them inside their tank?

Bearded dragons have an array of predators – mainly birds and larger reptiles. This is why your bearded dragon is regularly checking its surroundings. They are not admiring the view; they just don’t want to get eaten! Thus, it is best to get at least two hides for your bearded dragon.

Give Your Bearded Dragon Exercise

Bearded dragons need regular exercise. If not, they can get accustomed to getting lazy. They can also gain weight and, as a result, suffer from health issues.

This is quite an issue because you need to give your better dragon a chance to run, hide, explore, and climb. Playpens are an excellent option if you’d like to provide your beardie some time outside in the natural sunlight!

Allow them to be curious and be themselves as if they are in the wild. You can watch your bearded dragon walk around as they love doing it, and they are indeed very entertaining.

But keep in mind bearded dragons are like a toddler and will eat anything that they can fit within its mouth. That means you always need to supervise it and make sure there isn’t anything lying around that your bearded dragon could accidentally swallow. Many wild bugs contain pesticides and parasites.

Another fantastic factor is that they like laser lights. Some bearded dragons enjoy chasing around a laser pointer. This is an amazing bearded dragon toy. It will allow them to exercise and let their predatory instincts come out. The moment they see the light, they will start hunting it.

This is another fun game to play with your bearded dragon while giving it exercise apart from climbing and exploring. A great way to encourage his behavior is to feed them with an insect once the game ends.

A hammock is another excellent idea. Many bearded dragon owners put hammocks in their enclosures. After all, it is comfortable, soft, and you may find that your bearded dragon is spending hours on it.

You will be doing your bearded dragon a world of favors by adding things to climb on in their enclosures. Not only will they also climb it, but they will also sleep on it, hang out on it, and spend a lot more time up and down their enclosure.

Allow Your Bearded Dragon to Have Fun

Bearded dragons climb to bask and protect themselves. This is such an instinct for them, and it is sad to see it inhabited by people who have no clue about their inner nature. Ignorance keeps the bearded dragons on the ground when they love to spend it above it.

So allow your bearded dragon to have fun. Allow them to climb if they please. Allow them to explore, but be cautious.

It will no longer take you by surprise to see them crawling up your couch or that tree in your garden. It would be best to supervise your bearded dragon to make sure it remains safe. This is because bearded dragons do not make the best decisions from time to time!

If they climb a tree or a piece of your furniture, they can injure themselves. This is why supervision is necessary!

Have fun with your bearded dragon! Nothing is quite so entertaining as to see your bearded dragon do what it was born to do!