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what do bearded dragons like to play with

What do bearded dragons like to play with? Today we’re going to explore some of the top bearded dragons toys to keep your scaly friend entertained!

Bearded dragons, are without a doubt, some of the best pet lizards that you can consider keeping. They are gentle, friendly, docile, and social to some extent.

Caring for them is equally easy, so you won’t have any problem provided that you do everything correctly.

As a beardie owner, you must be aware that these lizards need to be fed and stimulated regularly for them to stay healthy.

The latter can only be achieved through play and other engaging activities. However, beardies are unique compared to other household pets.

As such, you cannot play with them the same way you play with your cat. That does not, however, mean that you shouldn’t play with your pet lizard.

Without play, captive bearded dragons can easily get bored, thus causing distress and sudden mood changes.

There are special toys that you can consider buying for your Bearded dragon to keep them happy and stimulated. Plus, the market has a wide range of options that you can choose from.

Nonetheless, that does not mean you should go for anything that you come across when shopping.

As stated earlier, Bearded dragons are not like other pets, so you need to be precise when choosing their toys.

For the safety of your beardie, there are several factors that you should consider before settling on a particular toy.

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Top 7 Toys To Buy For Your Bearded Dragon

Now that you are done with the basics, it’s time to pick a toy for your bearded friend. Choosing Bearded dragon toys can be a bit challenging since there are so many options to choose from.

Plus, some brands are not as reliable, so you may have to research the available options before buying a toy for your beardie.

Not to worry. We have done all the heavy lifting for you, so all you have to do is pick a toy that you think will make your Bearded dragon happy.

1. Bearded Dragon Balls

This is probably the first toy that you should consider buying for your Bearded dragon. Most beardie keepers have reported that their pets get stimulated when they play with balls.

However, not all beardies like playing with balls, so your pet lizard may or may not react when you push the ball towards it.

If the beardie pushes or chases the ball around, it means they are having a good time. Uninterested, beardies, on the other hand, will ignore the ball.

When choosing a ball for your Bearded dragon, ensure that you go for one that is colorful since beardies are more attracted to brightly colored objects.

In addition to this, the ball should be lightweight as this will give the lizard an easy time when playing.

There are two main types of balls that you can buy for your Bearded dragon. You can go for the regular balls or feeder balls.

The latter applies to balls with tiny holes through which you can put insects and worms for your beardie. Feeder balls have transparent walls, so the lizard can easily see the food inside.

As a result, the beardie will be encouraged to chase the ball because they want to get to the food. This can be an ideal option for beardies who don’t like to play with regular balls.

2. Bearded Dragon Floaties

Floaties can also make great toys for Bearded dragons. Also, they make bath times more enjoyable, especially when dealing with beardies that don’t like spending a lot of time in the water.

Besides, baths are essential for Bearded dragons as it aids in shedding. Aside from that, regular baths can prevent fecal impaction in the beardie’s vent, and a floatie can help your lizard to view bath times as playtime.

With the right floatie, your Bearded dragon will have a place to relax in between the bath session.

Some Bearded dragon floaties are designed like collar rings, so the lizard can stick its head out through the hole while staying afloat.

Like all other toys on the list, there are different types of floaties that you can buy for your bearded buddy.

To get maximum results, you should only buy high-quality floaties since they are more durable.

3. Bearded Dragon Tunnels

Bearded dragons are solitary animals, meaning they like to spend most of their time alone. As such, they mostly hide in confined spaces when they don’t feel like interacting with their owner.

By using a tunnel, you can keep your Bearded dragon stimulated by engaging them in teaser games.

You can place your beardie’s favorite food on the other end of the tunnel, after which, you can allow them to search for the food.

Moreover, Bearded dragons have a good sense of smell, thanks to Jacobsen’s organ.

Beardie keepers have reported that their lizards also like chasing wands through tunnels, so you can also try this out.

You should consider placing the tunnel in an open space to give your beardie more room to explore. Plus, there are also tunnels that you can install inside the vivarium.

Just ensure that the tunnel does not take up all the space inside the enclosure.

4. Hammocks/Loungers

Hammocks can also be a great addition to your Bearded dragon’s enclosure. They can provide enrichment by keeping your pet lizard comfortable when they are relaxing.

Unlike most toys on the list, you won’t have to keep a close eye on your Bearded dragon while they are playing on the hammock.

In addition to this, hammocks provide more space for lounging, and can particularly prove helpful when placed in the basking area.

When choosing a hammock, you need to consider the size of your beardie and the available space inside the enclosure.

Also, ensure that you place the hammock in such a way that the lizard can climb up and down with minimal strain.

The Penn-Plax Lizard Lounger is specially designed for Bearded dragons, so it can be a great option for your bearded buddy.

5. Cat Wands

Bearded dragons are somewhat similar to cats in that they easily get attracted to dangling objects. You can as well attach teaser toys to the wand to get the lizard’s attention.

The good thing about cat wands is that they are easy to work with since you only have to dangle and wave the toy in front of the Bearded dragon.

If the beardie is in a good mood, they will chase the wand in whichever direction that you direct it to. This will allow the lizard to exercise, thus improving its overall health.

But, that is not all; wands are very affordable, making them a suitable option for lizard parents who are on a tight budget.

For safety purposes, you should avoid wands that have feathers and other loosely hanging bits because your Bearded dragon may ingest them.

If beardies eat indigestible substances, there are likely to have gastrointestinal complications.

Also, the material from which the wand is made should be resistant to tear as this will prevent your lizard from ingesting the torn pieces.

The Jungle Cat Wand is one of the highly-rated wands on Amazon, so it can be an excellent option for your bearded friend.

Upon purchase, you will get two high-quality cat wands that your Bearded dragon can play with.

6. Crinkle Balls

Besides regular balls, you can also buy Crinkle balls for your Bearded dragon. Most crinkle balls produce noise that can offer great auditory stimulation to beardies.

This will, in turn, cause the lizard to chase after the ball or push it around with its nose. If you like, you can also attach the crinkle ball to a wand, as explained earlier.

Brightly colored crinkle balls are highly preferred because they are easily noticeable. To get the lizard’s attention, simply place the crinkle ball in front of your Bearded dragon.

Alternatively, you can push the crinkly ball towards them. If they don’t react, it could be that they are not interested in playing.

You can do this repeatedly until the beardie notices the ball times. If you don’t get a positive response, you should consider trying out other toys.

Crinkle balls are equally affordable and usually come in packs with a wide range of color options that you can choose from.

7. Laser Pointers

Bearded dragons can easily become curious, especially when they see items that are moving.

As such, you can stimulate your Bearded dragon by making them chase the beam of light from laser pointers.

Beardies do this because they think the laser beam is a bug. However, lizard keepers have reported that their beardies stopped chasing the beam after some time.

To avoid this, you should consider using laser pointers occasionally since this will make your Bearded dragon more responsive in the future.

Before using a pointer, ensure that you remove all objects that may hurt your beardie as they chase the beam.

Other Ways That You Can Keep Your Bearded Dragon Stimulated

Take Your Beardie For A Walk

Taking your beardie for a walk will not only keep the little guy entertained but also allows them to exercise. Ensure that you use a comfortable leash when taking walks with your beardie. You can also take them to the beach to get some natural UVB rays!

Snuggle Them Up

In as much as Bearded dragons are solitary creatures, there are times when they enjoy snuggles. Simply wrap your beardie in a blanket, leaving the head outside.

Watch TV With Your Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are very curious, so they will always try to analyze everything that is happening in their environment.

If you notice that your beardie is overly interested in the TV, you shouldn’t be worried. In fact, you should consider giving them more TV time for enrichment purposes.

Build/Buy Your Bearded Dragon a Playpen

Building a Playpen for your beardie can make for an excellent source of stimulation. Additionally, they’ll be able to receive some natural sunlight while enjoying basking in the heat. You can either buy a playpen or build one yourself!

What To Consider When Buying Bearded Dragon Toys


This particularly applies to balls and floaties. When choosing the former, ensure that you go for a toy that is not too small or too big for your Bearded dragon.

If the ball is too small, there is a possibility that your beardie may ingest it, thereby causing a blockage in the digestive tract.

This can also result in other serious health complications that can be fatal. On the other hand, if the ball is too big and heavy, your Bearded dragon may have a hard time pushing it around.

The Materials Used In The Construction

Ensure that you only go for toys that are made from non-toxic substances. With that being said, you should buy your Bearded dragon toys from reputable brands to avoid possible complications.

The toy in question should also be of high quality. Don’t go for poorly built toys that can break easily.


There are different types of toys that you can get for your bearded buddy, so you need to consider the purpose for which you are buying a particular toy.

Most toys keep your Bearded dragon happy by prompting them to run around or engage in other physical activities. However, some toys are designed to help your bearded friend to relax.


This may not be related to the safety of your Bearded dragon, but you should also consider price when purchasing beardie toys.

To expound on this, brands set different price ranges for their products. As such, some brands may sell their toys at a much higher price.

It is, therefore, your responsibility to ensure that you go for budget-friendly options without sacrificing quality.

Note: Always keep in mind that safety matters a lot when it comes to choosing toys for Bearded dragons.

Moreover, the goal is to provide them with enrichment and not to harm them, so all lizard keepers need to choose wisely when buying toys for their pets.

What Are the Best Bearded Dragon Toys?

Bearded dragons can play with different types of toys. The items that we have listed above are some of the commonly used toys that you can go for.

Safety is paramount when choosing Bearded dragon toys, so ensure that you consider all the factors that we have highlighted.