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why is my bearded dragon hyper
If you’re wondering, “why is my bearded dragon hyper?” you’ve stopped at the perfect page. We’re going to discuss the various reasons for hyperactivity in bearded dragons.

There is a certain amount of energy that you get used to with your bearded dragon. After all, they are known to be gentle lizards and generally have calm personalities. So it can come as a massive surprise if your bearded dragon suddenly becomes excited, active, and better yet, hyper.

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Three Common Reasons Your Bearded Dragon is Hyper

Three main factors may influence your bearded dragon’s hyperactivity: temperature, age, and lighting.

For one, it is perfectly normal for your bearded dragon to have high energy levels. After all, if you are new to raising and keeping bearded dragons, the only exposure you may have had before was in pet stores. Thus, you don’t yet have a solid understanding of their behavior when held in captivity.

If a bearded dragon has high energy levels, it is generally a good indicator that they’re healthy and thriving. It means they are getting the right food, have enough space, and are far from bored. So now it is learning the balance of when your bearded dragon is abnormally energetic or has deficient energy levels.

It’s usually not a cause for concern if your bearded dragon sits under its heat lamp all day. This behavior, known as basking, is normal as bearded dragons rely on external heating sources to regulate their body temperature.

When Will Their Behaviors Change Naturally?

Bearded dragons have come from the deserts of Australia. So it is in their very nature to be on the move, active, and aware of potential prey and predators to survive. The more active they are, the higher the likelihood of surviving in the wild, so ideally, they would love to explore.

This means you will have to study your bearded dragon’s behavior once you have gotten it into your tank. Note how much they explore, walk around, and generally remain active and alert. You will be very quick to pick up when something is off with their energy levels.

Age: there is beauty and energy that comes with youth. This applies to both animals and humans. The younger your bearded dragon is, the more energy it will have. Therefore, if you are used to an older bearded dragon, and fetch yourself a younger one. You will see a clear difference between the two.

Once they get a little older, they become lazier and more relaxed.

Other Natural Factors That Play in Your Bearded Dragon's Hyper Nature

First of all, your bearded dragon can be playful and curious by nature. They love to play and can be a bonus if your bearded dragon is playful. Each bearded dragon will be different. They will have their own levels of curiosity and playfulness. The more playful your bearded dragon gets, the more energetic it will become.

The same can apply to a curious bearded dragon. They love exploring, watching what is happening around them, and there is nothing you can do to change it. An excellent way to consider getting rid of some of the natural hyper nature is by giving it some exercise.

How do you exercise a bearded dragon, you may wonder? We suggest buying or building your bearded dragon a playpen. We have a comprehensive article on cheap bearded dragon playpens or ones you can build yourself!

You can also get a bearded dragon leash so that you can walk them around the garden and neighborhood. You want to expel some of that natural energy.

After all, if you think about it, you walk your dogs, cats wander around the neighborhood, hamsters run on a wheel, and now your bearded dragon can walk on a leash too. And picturing a bearded dragon on a leash is very cute.

A new environment can also cause a lot of excitement for your bearded dragon (after it has been given time to adjust). So after a few days of hiding away and adapting, you may see a sudden surge in activity, as well as its curiosity to explore.

After a specific brumation period, your bearded dragon may experience random bursts of energy. This is entirely normal and indicates that your bearded dragon is healthy.

The hormones can also affect the energy levels in your bearded dragon, and they can occur in both males and females. They may start running around the tank. For females, there may be a change while in ovulation, and for males, it could occur in mating season when they want to attract females or compete with other males.

When the Reasons Are in The Tank

There are many important factors when maintaining a bearded dragon in the tank. Just one small change can throw it off and significantly influence its temperament.

The temperature happens to be very important for your bearded dragon to remain healthy and happy. When the temperatures get affected, so do the activity levels of your bearded dragon.

If it is too high, for example, your bearded dragon will make them more active than usual. This is why you need to check how hot your temperature is in the tank when there is a sudden spike in energy.

The second step would be the tank size. If the tank is too small, you may discover your bearded dragon gets antsy and starts to glide or glass surf. This is a general indicator that your tank is too small and needs more space. We recommend a minimum size of 45-gallons for an adult bearded dragon—however, the bigger, the better. Click here to see the tank we recommend.

Something frightening your bearded dragon or making them scared can also lead to high energy levels. Bearded dragons are sensitive at heart, so you need to be careful about what is in the tank and out in the environment. A hyper bearded dragon can come from panic and stress, so be sure to have it in a calm and collected environment.

If you own other pets, particularly cats, this can stress them out. We suggest cat-proofing your bearded dragon’s tank. You can do this by putting your bearded dragon in a room your cat doesn’t have access to.

Why Is My Bearded Dragon Hyper? Should I be Concerned?

Bearded dragons are enjoyable pets, and as a norm, they have high energy levels. So do not be too surprised when someone tells you they are docile, and they turn out to be the complete opposite!

If you’re looking for more information on bearded dragons and their proper care, be sure to check out our comprehensive care guide!

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