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can bearded dragons eat scrambled egg

Eggs not only have high nutritional value but are equally easy to prepare. If you’ve ever thought of feeding your bearded dragon scrambled eggs, this article is for you.

So, can bearded dragons eat scrambled eggs? Yes, bearded dragons can eat scrambled eggs but in moderation. Beardies should not eat more than half an egg per serving.

Additionally, adult bearded dragons should only eat scrambled eggs once per week. This is because eggs contain high amounts of protein and can impact the health of your bearded dragon.

Keep reading to learn the safest way to prepare scrambled eggs for bearded dragons! We’ll also touch on the nutritional value of scrambled eggs.

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Why Too Many Eggs Is Bad for Bearded Dragons?

As highlighted earlier, eggs are rich in protein. However, bearded dragons get most of their protein from superworms, crickets, and mealworms. As such, offering eggs regularly can cause the bearded dragon to consume too much protein.

An excess of protein is not good for bearded dragons, especially those that are fully grown. This is primarily because as beardies get older, they require less protein compared to juveniles. Feeding your bearded dragon too many eggs can result in health problems such as obesity and liver failure.

You should contact your veterinary doctor for expert advice on how best you can serve eggs to your bearded dragon.

How to Prepare Scrambled Eggs for Bearded Dragon?

If you decide to offer eggs to your bearded dragon, there is a way in which you are supposed to prepare them. For starters, no additional ingredients should be added. The eggs should be cooked plain without oil, butter, or any other additive.

You need to keep in mind that beardies don’t process food the same way humans do. With that being said, most of the ingredients that you often use may harm your bearded dragon. Also, ensure that you cook the eggs properly to kill bacteria.

But most importantly, the eggs should be of high quality. You should inspect the eggs to avoid cooking those that are rotten.

Why Eggs Are Good For Bearded Dragons?

Eggs can provide your bearded dragon with a long list of health benefits when offered in the right amount. Below are some of the benefits of feeding your bearded dragon scrambled eggs.


Eggs are packed with essential vitamins such as vitamin D, A, K, and B. Most of these vitamins are required for growth and also boost the bearded dragon’s immune system.


Aside from vitamins, eggs are rich in calcium and other minerals such as zinc, phosphorus, folate, etc. Calcium can prevent metabolic bone disease (MBD) in bearded dragons.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Egg Shells?

Eggs shells can be a choking hazard to bearded dragons, so they should be avoided. Additionally, egg shells may harbor bacteria, thus causing health complications that require antibitiotics.

The same applies to raw eggs since they can expose your bearded dragon to a wide range of diseases.

Final Verdict

Eggs can be a great addition to your bearded dragon’s diet. However, you should see to it that the eggs are well cooked before serving them to your beardie.

Bearded dragons should only eat eggs once in a while to minimize protein intake. On the same note, adult beardies should eat less than half an egg in each serving session.