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white bearded dragon

The white bearded dragon is a highly sought-after morph due to its unique appearance and rare nature. Many are left wondering how these bearded dragons are made.

Like all bearded dragons, white bearded dragons make excellent pets. They’re easy to care for, fun to handle, and one of the friendliest reptiles around. These are just a few of the many reasons why bearded dragons are so popular.

Today we’re going to take a deep dive into white bearded dragons. We’ll answer all your dire questions, such as where they come from, breeders that have white bearded dragons for sale, and how much you can expect to pay.

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What Are White Bearded Dragons?

white bearded dragon basking

One of the first things people wonder when they see a white bearded dragon is their genetic makeup. Many wrongly assume that white bearded dragons are albino. While this is sometimes true, it’s usually not the case.

When somebody refers to a white bearded dragons, they are likely referring to a morph known as the zero bearded dragon morph. The zero morph refers to a bearded dragon that lacks pigmentation. Further, zero bearded dragons have no color or patterns on their back.

Zero bearded dragons come in a variety of shades, all the way from dark grey to snow white. The whitest of them all is the hypo zero bearded dragon. Hypo, short for hypomelanistic, refers to a bearded dragon that lacks melanin.

While a zero bearded dragon can range from dark grey to white, a hypo zero bearded dragon will be snow white, including their fingernails.

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Types of White (Zero) Bearded Dragons

hypo white bearded dragon

As mentioned earlier, hypo zero bearded dragons tend to be all white in color. However, there are other types of zero bearded dragons that range in shade and color. The primary types include:

Translucent bearded dragons have dark eyes and blue eyelids. They’re known as translucent because they’re often very light in color, almost as if they’re transparent. As a result, the color of their blood often influences their appearance.
Hypo translucent bearded dragons are white to lavender in color. Translucent bearded dragons without the hypo gene tend to be a darker lavender color. As mentioned earlier, hypo zero bearded dragons are the whitest of the bunch.

How Much Are White Bearded Dragons

White, or zero bearded dragons, can range in price. Factors that may affect cost include:

With that said, the average white bearded dragon costs around $400. However, they can cost as little as $150 and as much as $1,000 on the higher end.

Where to Find a White Bearded Dragon For Sale

zero bearded dragon for sale

Finding a zero bearded dragon for sale is relatively easy, as they’re one of the more popular morphs among reptile enthusiasts. While you probably won’t find one at your local pet store, several online reptile breeders sell zero, hypo zero, and hypo trans zero bearded dragons regularly.

Below we will discuss three top bearded dragon breeders with white bearded dragons for sale.

#1. CBReptiles

One of the most popular breeders around, CBReptiles sells a variety of beautiful bearded dragon morphs. Whether you’re looking for a tangerine or a hypo zero, they probably offer it among their impressive collection.

The best part about CBReptiles is they’re relatively affordable, given the quality of their reptiles. A hypo white bearded dragon will run you about $200-$500, depending on the color and age of the reptile. When you purchase a bearded dragon from CBReptiles, you can be sure that you get a healthy reptile that will live a long and healthy life.

Some of the highlights of CBReptiles include:

#2. XYZ Reptiles

Another excellent vendor in the reptile space is XYZ Reptiles. Although they have a smaller selection, their bearded dragons are beautiful and healthy.

Unlike CBReptiles, XYZ Reptiles only sells baby bearded dragons. Therefore, if you’re looking for an adult white bearded dragon, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

They also have a host of articles outlining care tips for different reptile species. On top of that, they have some of the best shipping rates for live reptiles of any vendor. You may have to ask when they’re expecting a batch of white bearded dragons, but it’ll be well worth the wait.

Some of the highlights of XYZ Reptiles include:

#3. Morph Market

Morph Market is another great reptile vendor that sells various white bearded dragon morphs, such as hypo zero and trans zero. They’re easily one of the most diverse breeders, given their wide selection of morphs.

Another great quality of Morph Market is their detailed descriptions of each reptile. Rather than simply showing pictures of the bearded dragon, they often give a description of their exact size, what type of food they’re eating, and personality traits, among other things.

Morph Market has some of the most fantastic morphs we’ve seen. Some of their adult hypo zero bearded dragons run upwards of $800 or more. However, the high price tag shouldn’t deter you, as these are some of the highest-quality bearded dragons.

Some notable qualities of Morph Market include:

Facts About White Bearded Dragons

  1. White bearded dragons are called zero bearded dragons, meaning they lack both pattern and color.
  2. Zero bearded dragons can be categorized into four types: zero, hypo zero, hypo trans zero, and trans zero.
  3. Despite popular belief, white bearded dragons aren’t albino.
  4. White bearded dragons can vary greatly in price, depending on their genetic traits.
  5. Zero bearded dragons can look more white if they’re flared up or right after shedding.

Closing Thoughts on White Bearded Dragons

White bearded dragons, otherwise known as zero bearded dragons, are a unique morph that has drawn the attention of reptile enthusiasts worldwide. These bearded dragons lack pigmentation and patterns across their scales.

Fortunately, due to their popularity, white bearded dragons are widely available among breeders. Although they can range in price, you can expect to pay around $400, depending on their age and the breeder you buy from.

Hopefully, this article covered everything you needed to know regarding white bearded dragons. To learn more about different bearded dragon morphs and species, be sure to check out our guide on fancy bearded dragons.