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how much do leopard geckos cost

Leopard geckos have been captive pets in America for more than three decades and have risen in demand for years. With so much demand for leopard geckos, the price of these reptiles tends to skyrocket, especially during a market rush. If you’re keen to buy a captive reptile, you’ll likely ask – how much do leopard geckos cost?

Leopard geckos cost price could range from as little as $15 to about $100 based on several different factors. Factors that influence how much leopard geckos cost include age, gender, and morph. In terms of accessories, you’re probably looking to spend another $100-$200.

As you can tell, there’s so much to look at before forking out cash for your next pet reptile! That’s why this article shows you every important detail to help you select the perfect leopard gecko and all the accessories you need!

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Do Leopard Geckos Cost Differ by Morph?

If you’re looking for no leopard gecko morph in particular, you could be lost for choice. There are at least 100 different morphs of leopard geckos on the market. Each morph has its peculiarities and rare morphs tend to cost much more.

For example, an average Albino Mack leopard gecko could cost around $60 but a Tangerine breed may cost $100+. Some of the rarer morphs can sell for about $200 to $300.

But on average, leopard geckos from PetCo and other stores tend to be about $50 to $100. However, these leopard geckos are typically described as “normal” morph and don’t have different colors to choose from.

So, when it comes to morphs, how much you need to spend depends on the rarity of your chosen reptile.

Where Can I Buy a Leopard Gecko?

Local Breeders

Searching for local breeders of exotic pets could give you several results in moments. Typing a search query on any engine like “leopard gecko stores near me” will reveal pet stores closest to you.

It’s a better deal to buy a leopard gecko from pet stores directly. You’ll have many choices, be able to ask questions, and get a great deal. However, if you’re keen on closing a deal for leopard geckos quickly, online stores could be much better.


Several pet stores like CB Reptile offer leopard geckos for purchase online. With the online service, you can choose from many different morphs and get a leopard gecko in less than two days.

Personally, we prefer to buy our reptiles from trusted online breeders such as CB Reptile, since pet stores have been known to take poor care of their reptiles.

Additional Leopard Geckos Cost: Other Items Your Reptile Needs

If you want a home for your leopard gecko, you’ve got to ensure it gets a complete experience. That’s why it’s important for new owners of leopard geckos to get all items listed in this section.

Average price tags are listed along with these items to give you a raw idea of how much you’ll spend:

Décor/Fake plants (From $5)

Decorative plants are becoming common in geckos’ tanks. Several decorative plants are ideal for recreating a leopard gecko’s natural environment. But some fake plants could be ideal for climbing and ensuring your gecko gets busy in the tank.

The best fake plants have multiple functions and are handy in several respects.

Food tray (From $5)

If you want your leopard gecko to eat without swallowing substrate by accident, it needs a food tray. With a food tray, you can get insects within sight of your geckos for a nourishing meal. Most food trays are inexpensive and would be invaluable in your gecko’s tank.

Hides (From $10)

One leopard gecko tank needs a minimum of three hides to comfort your reptile. Your leopard gecko should have a:

Humid hide

The humid hide should be at a cool area of your leopard gecko’s tank. Your leopard gecko will opt to sleep in the humid part of its tank than in other areas.

Warm hide

You need to place the warm hide at an area where your leopard gecko can easily regulate its temperature. Several warm hides are designed with material that promotes warmth retention. Whenever your leopard gecko needs a heat source, you’ll likely find it inside or on this hide.

Moist hide

Moist hides perform similar features to humid hides with a few differences. Whenever a leopard gecko needs to engage misting, a moist hide is the perfect place for your reptile

Light bulbs (From $20)

Several light bulbs can be in your leopard gecko’s tank. The size of your leopard gecko’s tank determines how many light bulbs you need to fit.

Apart from being an ideal source of illumination, light bulbs could be an alternative heat source for your geckos. Light bulbs are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes. Your choice will either reduce or cause a spike in a light bulb’s price tag.

Basking lamp (From $20)

Lamps for basking are dissimilar from regular lights. Basking lamps provide much-needed heat for reptiles to regulate their body temperature. Since reptiles cannot generate heat on their own, this lamp is an important part of your gecko’s new home.

Light fixture (From $10)

Fanciful light fixtures are a must-have in your gecko’s tank. These fixtures are designed to prevent any event of electric shock, keeping your reptiles safe in the process. Light fixtures also add a decorative detail to your gecko’s tank and boost the beauty of its captive environment. 

Substrate (From $5)

Different types of substrate are available, but you’ve got to make a smart choice. Some substrate could cause impaction and aggravate digestive trouble in your geckos.

It is important to choose substrate made of pellets or other easily disposable material. DON’T use sand as a preferred substrate as it’s a solid no-no.

Tank (From $40)

Your leopard gecko’s tank should have ample space to cater for everything your reptiles need. Buying a sizeable tank gives your reptile ample space to move around and feel more comfortable. If you’re adding a lid to your gecko’s tank, its price could experience a little hike.

Thermometers (From $9)

Leopard geckos thrive under a specific temperature window and may experience health issues outside such thresholds. Leopard geckos are native to arid regions and need their temperatures to remain around 70°F at least.

A thermometer helps you determine if the ambient temperature in a gecko’s tank is too hot or cold. Adding or reducing heat supply to your reptiles tank becomes a lot easier with this gadget. Most thermometers cost next to nothing and you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth from several brands.

Heating source (From $15)

Leopard geckos could need a heat map or rocks to help increase the thermal supply to their tank. It is essential to choose the right heating source to ensure warmth for your leopard gecko and prevent fire accidents.

Humidity gauge (From $10)

A hygrometer helps measure the relative humidity in your leopard gecko’s tank. The humidity in your gecko’s new habitat shouldn’t drop below 20% or above 40%. A hygrometer helps you monitor and regulate your reptile’s humid environment with relative ease.

Vitamin supplements (From $15)

Many vitamin supplements, like vitamin D3 and calcium powders are essential in your gecko’s diet. With these powders, you can assure an improved, healthy diet for your leopard geckos. Insects low in calcium can be dusted in a paper bag containing these supplements for a refreshing, nutritious meal.

Water dish (From $5)

Geckos could get much water from insects and worms. However, a water dish would come in handy if your leopard gecko needs a drink. Some geckos will love to take dips in a water dish to regulate their temperature.

Climbing accessories

The best climbing accessories for leopard geckos will keep your reptiles entertained every time. Several items can aid your leopard geckos when they need to climb.  Here’s a list of some climbing accessories your leopard gecko may need:

Even if these accessories aren’t out-and-out must-haves, they contribute much to your gecko’s swell time in its tank.

Does Feeding Leopard Geckos Cost Much?

Based on what you intend to feed your leopard geckos, cost prices will vary widely. However, expect to spend a minimum of $15 per month for feeding your leopard geckos.

Food for Your Leopard Gecko

Type of food

Leopard geckos are die-hard insectivores, making it very difficult to offer them a diverse diet.

Crickets attract the most commerce when it comes to food for captive leopard geckos. You can pick up a box of 100 crickets for $10 or less based on your location.

Apart from buying crickets, your reptile needs to eat cockroaches, grubs, and many worms. The price of these foods tends to vary based on a number of factors.

The right food in your leopard gecko’s diet helps prevent diseases and keeps your reptile healthy.

Sizing of food

Do not feed your leopard geckos with big insects, as it poses a strong choking hazard. Your leopard gecko shouldn’t eat any food larger than the space between its eyes.

Live or dead insects?

You should not feed dead insects to your leopard gecko at any time. Apart from being low in nutrients, dead insects could have parasites or contain too much water.

Feed your leopard gecko live insects dusted with calcium powders regularly.

Can I Keep a Gecko I Found in the Wild?

Let’s say you’ve always wanted a leopard gecko and happen to stumble across one or more – for free. Would it be sane to take your leopard gecko home and keep it in a tank right out the bat?

Not exactly.

Wild leopard geckos are exposed to a mountain of parasites, bacteria, and other harmful organisms. Some leopard geckos from the wild may be disease carriers. And if you’ve got other captive pets, this ‘newcomer’ could wreak unintentional havoc.

Just to be clear, it’s not bad to take a leopard gecko from its wild habitat. However, you need to get your newfound reptile to the vet before taking it home. The vet will have to run some tests and give your reptile a clean bill of health. If there’s anything wrong with your gecko, the vet is most-qualified to let you know.


Are leopard geckos good pets?

Leopard geckos are popular captive pets and have been good reptiles for several owners for more than three decades. Leopard geckos are docile pets and are an excellent choice for owners that need largely calm reptiles.

Does PetSmart sell leopard geckos?

PetSmart are one of the biggest dealers of leopard geckos in US states. You can buy vet-assured leopard geckos from PetSmart with a probable lifespan of more than 10 years. PetSmart sponsors its Vet Assured program to improve the overall health of reptiles they sell. Leopard geckos cost from $35 at PetSmart stores, but prices may vary.

Can leopard geckos kill you?

Leopard geckos do not have the capacity to kill humans. Geckos tend to bite in very rare circumstances, and they don’t have any venom. Bites from leopard geckos aren’t enough to cause any harm based on their measly jaw force. Even if you’ve got a very low pain tolerance threshold, a gecko bite is less likely to cause you any discomfort.

How can I buy a leopard gecko?

You can buy a leopard gecko from pet stores and online marketers. However, most experienced buyers will recommend you buy a leopard gecko from in-store locations. To avoid shipping rigors, malnourishment of your reptiles, and possible death, brick-and-mortar stores are preferred.

Final Thoughts: How Much Do Leopard Cost?

Knowing how much leopard geckos cost helps you make a great, budget choice for a preferred reptile. There are dozens of breeds to choose from, with your choice for rare morphs meaning a bigger investment.

Make the most of your selection, and get leopard geckos worth their value without hassle.